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Many times the question is asked about program ideas and bringing some activity to a weekly scout meeting. Just thought I would pass along a couple of ideas we have done and are doing that seems to be going good.


#1 Training for a 5k.




this was a huge success last year...we had several boys that had never run a 100 yards much less a 5k. Every boy finished the race!


#2 http://hundredpushups.com/


We are in this plan now. Boys like to feel like they are strong.


Remember physical fitness is one of the aims of scouting...

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How did you institute them into your program? What did you use to intice the Scouts to take part?

I run 5ks monthly and see the money they raise; have thought about setting one up for our troop/district/lodge for a fundraiser....

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As far as implementing it....


I made a challenge to the boys that if they could run a 5k I could.


The SPL then implemented some running in the troop meetings. They started off running 1\4 mile...then 1\2 mile...then 1 mile...then 2 miles...then a couple of weeks before the 5k we actually ran the route of the race.


It was a big confidence booster for the boys and our troop recieved quite a bit of good press.

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