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Anyone else take issue with Tom Brady on cover of Boys Life?

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Nascar? Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks




Way to generalize and make yourself sound like a tactless, classless, and ignorant fool.


Yes, I am a Nascar fan and no, I'm far from being a redneck. But I really don't feel the need to defend myself, or my hobbies, to you.

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I've never heard of this Brady fellow so I can't venture an opinion on that score, but I have heard of NASCAR. I've even seen a bit on TV and I gotta admit, it seems pretty silly and pointless for entertainment. I can't figure out the appeal. Of course I feel the same way about golf.


However, I don't know why Ayn Rand's philosophy would not be compatible with Scouting, as is suggested above. I think she's been easily labeled as undesireable by far too many people who have never read her books. Her philosophical support of laissez-faire capitalism has broad political support these days, and she was a strong proponent of the "heroic American values", including individualism, which are not inconsistant with BSA values. Moreover (and I'll bet you didn't know this), Rand viewed homosexuality as "immoral" and "disgusting". That's right up there with BSA.


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As I started to read this thread, I kinda thought what I would do if I were standing around the embers of a campfire with a group of Scouter's.

I'm not a big American Football fan.

It wasn't until I'd read a couple of postings that I kinda sorta worked out who this Tom Brady fellow was /is !!

If I were standing around the campfire? I think I'd have to not say very much, because I don't know enough to really have much of an opinion.

I do have an opinion about this "Out of wedlock".

I'm happy to be married.

The idea of myself and Her Who Must Be Obeyed living together or shacking up, never crossed my mind.

The idea of us not remaining together until death us do part, remains very strong. With both of us.

But that's just me (And Her).

More and more it seems to me that people are living together.

In fact my little sister lived with the Father of her two children for a number of years until they decided to get married. Back home in the UK this seemed acceptable and hardly anyone blinked an eye.

Kids of all ages watch TV and causal sex is seen almost night.

This of course doesn't by any means make it right, but our kids do see this and us pretending that they don't is just daffy.

I have never really understood Common-Law Marriage? I think in part because of my Roman Catholic upbringing.

Having said that both of my sister's kids were baptized in a RC church and the church seemed to take very little notice that the kids parents were not married.

So while shacking up or living together out of wedlock, would never be my personal choice. I don't see it as being the biggest of sins.

One big problem with Hero's is that most of them do have faults.

Even BP is rumored to have a few!!

I'm never happy trying to judge others.

Some how it just doesn't seem to be very kind.

I think many of us have things that we might not be proud of. Still we are doing what we can to lead a good life and where we can help others.


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