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If the Forums are ever re-organized

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I recommend a separate forum for each method of scouting. We have some but not all.


The Eight Methods of Scouting

1. Ideals

2. Patrols

3. Outdoors

4. Advancement

5. Personal growth

6. Adult association

7. Leadership development

8. Uniform


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At least one method is common to all three programs...


From the websites:



The Ideals

The Den


Family Involvement


Home and Neighborhood Centered

The Uniform


Boy Scouting:




Outdoor Programs.


Associations With Adults.

Personal Growth.

Leadership Development.






Group Activities.

Adult Association. The youth officers lead the crew.


The Ideals.

High Adventure.

Teaching Others.


Ideals is the common method of all 3 programs.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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If I ran the zoo...


My motor cycle club has very active forums that like here are saved "forever". Except one area that is not devoted to motorcycles. It's a place where club members just talk to each other about what ever is on their minds. Any topic anytime. But they do not save the topics. After a week or so, they just fade from the system. It's the same kind of chitchat you'd find in any camp after the kids turn in and it's just the adults. I would enjoy an area like that here.

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I like your idea about the leaders talk after the campfire.


I was just wondering if there was a way that the creator could creat one for this board. Another board taht I visit and post on has a user requested forums. I think that a forum for leaders talking about things after the boys go to sleep (So to say) would be a great idea.


does anyone understand what I an trying to say through my babble.

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The biggest section (use-wise) is "Open Discussion - Program" Sort thru this, and one finds a few themes that might warrant their own section.


Scouting and Religion (? Chaplaincy?)


Scouting and the Media (? How to ""do"" media?)


Scouting and (shudder) Politics


Everything Else and Scouting (?Gray Areas?)



A seperate section for each "Method" might yield teeny sections, better included in a "Methods of Scouting" section.


Then too, there are 'methods' not necessarily included in the "Methods" !


Thanks for bringing it up, Its Me.

(This message has been edited by SSScout)

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If the Methods are the building blocks in which to build our programs and improve our abilities at achieving the Aims of scouting then we (scouters) need to address all of them and not just the more interesting one for adults.


I believe these four in particular get shorted on these forums:


1. Ideals

2. Personal growth

6. Adult association

7. Leadership development


Personal growth is especially shorted. I will argue that the scout will need self reliance skills in the years immediately proceeding scouting more than he will need leadership skills. Yet there seems to be little discussion on particulars of this method of development.


Will dedicated forums improve discussion in these areas? Would these discussions lead to improved knowledge and better programs for forum users? I say Yes to both.







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