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5-Character Custom License Plates for Scouters

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If it is not a "Scout" plate, and the "nature" scene is predominant, could you do something that relates to a Scout Camp in Missouri? Frinstance, the big one in Virginia is "GOSHEN"















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This is hillarious, my favorites so far are


SCOUT from Goldwinger...of course

1HRWK from raisinemright...hahaha

HLPME from Talen333 OMG this was funny

2BOUT from SSSCout...I don't know, I think we're still in the don't ask, don't tell stages...haha


How About HONOR


right now I'm goin with HLPME :0)

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KY Scouter. What we really need here in KY, is for the state to make up a special Scouting plate. You know, like the Education, Wildlife plates ect....


There is a small amount of $$ that goes back to these groups. I'm in the BG Council an I've been supprised they have not petitioned the Transporation Dept to create such a plate

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