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Trailblazer Adventure Days

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Has anybody been to one of these events?




Trailblazer Adventure Day




This one-day program serves as an all-around introduction to the thrill of outdoor sports and the importance of conservation. It is typically hosted at a Boy Scout camp or similar facility. The Trailblazer Adventure Day features a variety of activities, demonstrations and orientation sessions designed to show children and their parents what the outdoor lifestyle is all about. All activities are conducted under the supervision of experienced Trail Guides with an emphasis on safety. Event Managers, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance representatives, attend each event to ensure coordination between all participating organizations.

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The Inland Northwest Council has offered Trailblazer Day for the past four years. The first two years, there were two weekends, one at Camp Cowles and one at Camp Easton. The last two years they added a third weekend nearer to Camp Grizzly.


The events are normally planned for consecutive weekends in October, so it is a great draw to get new Scouts to camp within a couple weeks of joining in the fall. The council even offers half price registration for new Scouts ($7.50 as opposed to the regular $15).


There is also an option for camping out the night before the activities for an extra $6 per person. It does get cold at night here in Washington state, but we always have a good turnout for the campout anyway. There is usually a campfire program and a cracker barrel afterwards.


Activities the next day typically include BB guns, archery, wrist rockets, fishing, BMX bikes, field games, human foosball, and a nature station.


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I was at the first Trailblazer day. The idea was to attract new youth to Scouting. Unfortunately, only a handful of non-Scouts showed up but hundreds of Scouts did.


What could be wrong with a day of fishing, shooting, and archery?

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Pine Tree Council (southwestern Maine) has held this event for about five years or so and it has been very successful/well received. We hold it in the early fall right after fall recruitment, which gives new Cubbies a taste of what is to come in scouting.


I last helped out two years ago. We had picture perfect weather and had to make a second run to the warehouse-shoppers club for lunch materials as 300 preregistered youth became 700 actual youth plus their parents.

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