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How To Contact Scouter.Com????

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Howdy..... I've been trying to contact someone (anyone) at Scouter.Com, and cannot find a phone number or an email address. I filled out the "contact form" (twice), and still have no answer from anyone at this site. If anyone knows how the webmaster of this site can be contacted, I would appreciate that information. I can be contacted at webmaster@pushmataha.org, or at allen@bsatroop45.org.


Many thanks in advance...............


Allen McB >

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Allen, back when I first joined, I, twice attempted to contact anyone at Scouter.com and didn't get a reply.


If you still haven't received a reply, try going to profiles and finding Hops Scout. He's one of the moderators. Maybe you'll get a reply to a pm directly to him.



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