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>>How can a DE "fix" the fact that a bunch of parents are more worried about easing their burden or a pack or troop are looking to make their task easier by depriving these boys or the program designed to "transition" them from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts?

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"Is worded exactly correct, the leader GOT the boys the award. What the leader didn't do was teach these boys how a Boy Scout Troop is run. "


Strange how one can make that conclusion not having been privy to the situation. As a matter of fact the boys were trained far better than most Boy Scouts at the 2nd Class level. After receiving their AOL the first year, the second year (Webelos II) they went out and had a blast doing the outings, camping, canoeing, trips, etc. all over the place, having been trained properly, it was a great year. As a matter of fact, 4 meetings and 1 outing every month is exactly what most troops do, so it was run more like a troop than a den anyway. The second year was devoted to deciding and planning the next monthly outing. Except for the color of the shirts, it looked remarkably like a troop.


"Troops do not normally cover the 21 merit badges needed for Eagle on a weekly meeting cycle. "Come join OUR troop, attend meetings for 21 months and we will make you an Eagle!""


Contrary to one's conclusions here, MB's are not the same thing as a Webelos Pin. Gotta love the over-dramatization though. Keep it in mind that as I stated earlier, just because they earned their AOL they DID NOT cross over. They hung around the second year just for having fun. Like I said, just because one achieves the AOL or Eagle, their work in the Pack/Troop is not done! The comments only emphasize the need to correct this common error in thinking in most packs/troops. Like I tell all my boys both cubbing and scouting, just because a soldier makes the rank of general, it doesn't mean his career is over.


"If the AOL is not important then why try to "give it" to the boy early?"


I didn't "give" the boys anything other than the opportunity to earn it within a 12 month period, one week at a time. If the DL sets up the curriculum right, it is quite easy to do. 4 meetings for each pin? That's 12 pins right there. Add to that one pin for each of the outings, that's another 12 pins. Some of the pins didn't take any 4 meetings to accomplish and some of them like family life were done outside the meetings with their families. As a matter of fact, near the end of the year, there were some repeats so that some of the boys who had missed a session here or there the boys could spend time teaching them and getting them ready for the BG and the AOL ceremony coming up.


"If it is important why not do it properly so the boy knows he has earned it according to the requirements established by BSA National?"


The Pack leadership, the District, the council, nor the troop into which these boys crossed over ever questioned any of the process I followed and the troop was especially excited about receiving these boys, the majority of which eventually went on to Eagle in the troop.


The point I was attempting to make and it was missed by some, was that just because one get's AOL at the BG banquet it is not mandatory for them to cross over! Wait a year and let the boys have some fun. All my boys crossed over AFTER HAVING WORN THEIR AOL for a year.




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Making the call to set aside National registration requirements? Make the call as to changing the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award? Or are we really talking about making the call to insure that as many $10 registration fees are collected as possible? The Boy Scouts of America is after all a business with a bottom line to be managed and maintained. When the people no longer purchase sufficient quantities of your product to keep the business viable change the product to one they will purchase.


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