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Licensed Health-Care Practitioner:

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Class III medical form states that it must be singed by a Licensed Health-Care Practitioner.


Just what is a Licensed Healthe-Care Practitioner? Can an RN sigh off on our class III medicals? We have an RN in our Troop who would love to help, but our SM and ASM'S don't think she can, I do.


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This note should be on the form


* Examinations conducted by licensed health-care practitioners other than physicians will be recognized for BSA purposes in those states where such practitioners may perform physical examinations within their legally prescribed scope of practice.


My state also allows NP (Nurse Practitioners) and PA (Physician Assitants) to do physical exams, but not RN's. Your state may be different.

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As others have noted, many states allow NP's and PA's to perform history and physical examinations. For activities requiring a Class III Medical form, I would recommend a physician (MD or DO) to do the H&P if the participant has any significant health problems. I have worked 2 years at the healthlodge and for those patients with significant health problems it is desirable to have the form completed by a physician familiar with the patient and who understands the rigors to be undertaken.

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Ah OGE, that goes beyond well beyond science. Ever go sailing? Flying? Shooting? Work in a foundry? Serve in the military?


Outsiders decry jargon because they don't understand it but a specialized jargon allows people in an activity to communicate clearly and concisely. Overuse of acronyms just makes things quicker and serves to confuse outsiders even more.


A mixture of terms from a variety of sources that mean something to some people and some mean something else to other people.


cold shot








low side









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