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I thought this was pretty cool

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Really? Please do tell. :)


I guess I could also add here that when I was around 8 years old I was at the country club with some family and friends and decided that I wanted to be in the deep end with the older kids (for some reason it never occured to me that the deep end is deeper) So before my parents noticed I ran over to the deep end and jumped in....well as you can imagine i found there was no bottom and immediatly began to panic. Thankfully my cousin saw me, swam over and while I was under the water pulled me to the service and carried me back to the shallow end out of the pool and to my parents (who I might add were not happy at all...I wasn't allowed back in the pool the rest of the day) As you can probably guess my cousin was a boy scout (about 14 years old at that time) sence then he's gone on to become an eagle scout too. I don't really know if someone else would have pulled me out of the water that day, but thankfully he was being observant of his younger cousins and didn't panic...otherwise I honestly believe I would have drowned.


Lol, a few days later he showed me what poision ivy looked like (which i still remember to this day), got a splinter out of my finger and showed me how to light a fire. :)


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Hello all,


I work as a Paramedic and you would be surprised at how often I use things I first learned as a Boy Scout or only learned as a scout. If fact, no matter how much advanced training I take, I find that some of the old school stuff (triangle bandages, board splints, etc.) work a lot better than the new gadgets they come up with.


It still surprises me the number on EMT's I have to teach how to use board splints and triangle bandages! Everyone wants to use the fancy new stuff. Sometimes it just doesn't work as well!

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Way to go, Gern! I'm proud of you, man. More details, please.


Just last weekend, we awarded a certificate of recognition to one of our Eagle Scouts for saving a life. Seems he performed the Heimlich maneuver on a classmate and was able to clear the airway and keep him from choking.


A few years ago, a former scout performed CPR on my daughter who had collapsed at work due to coronary long Q-T syndrome (ventricular fibrilation) until the EMS squad arrived and revived her. If he hadn't responded so quickly, my daughter would have certainly died. Since he had been trained through the American Red Cross, I made sure that he received the ARC life saver award. Needless to say, I am eternally grateful for Scout first-aid training.

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I was skiing with my daughter when we came over the rise on a very steep run. At the bottom of the face, two people had just collided. One, a 18 yrold girl, was splayed out. The other was an older gentleman a few yards below her. As I skied up to her, her brother was rolling her over. I screamed for him to stop and kicked off my skis. She was knocked unconcious, had a deep gash across her forehead that was bleeding badly. She wasn't breathing. I swept her mouth with my finger and jutted her jaw out and she started breathing again. THen I found her pulse. ABC. I sent my daughter down the hill to get help. I then called to every skier passing by to call 911. I kept talking to her, feeling her breath with my face and checking her pulse. About 5 minutes later, a skier came up announcing he was an EMT. I relayed my findings to him and reliquinshed care to him. I then played traffic cop until ski patrol showed up and took over the scene. I never messed with the head wound, although pretty gross, it wasn't life threatening. Sometimes saving a life is just knowing what not to do. Ski patrol put her on a backboard and choppered her out. Never even got her name. The other guy was concious but with a badly broken leg. The impact was so severe, that their bindings were ripped from the skis.

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