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Old Camping Merit Badge Requirements

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I am wondering if anyone could email me a text file or pdf or link containing the requirements for the Camping merit badge as they were when I was a kid. I worked as a merit badge counselor at Cuyuna Scout Camp for four years and taught Camping, but the requirements have changed very much since I earned it (early 90s). I distinctly remember drawing a map of a campsite and starting different kinds of fires.


I remember when I first joined Scouting our troop did not have very much equipment. We didn't have propane cooking stoves (just a jet burner for boiling water), or fancy dining fly shelters. We had the old canvas Official BSA tarps and tents. We cooked everything over the fire, even in the rain. We chopped the wood ourselves, split it, and piled it up under the rain fly for the troop's Quartermaster tent. If it was raining, we just woke up earlier to get the fire going. We would search for blueberries to put in our pancakes and ate every fish that we caught. Everything was centered around the fire. In the morning it was the first thing we concerned ourselves with (making our Scoutmaster's coffee before he woke up, or else...). We cooked all of our meals here, and at night we would sit around the fire and laugh, sing, etc. until it was time to turn in.

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