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BSA Anniversary Experiment

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I would like to conduct an experiment, and I am going to need your help to do it. As most of you know, February 8th is the 98th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. I would like your help to celebrate it in a unique way.


Currently, there are a few thousand videos on Youtube that feature Scouts or are about Scouting. Most of these videos never receive more then a couple hundred views, if they even get that many. Only a few have ever hit the 10.000 views mark. I do not think a Scouting video has ever made it to the daily top five pages.


There are millions of Boy Scouts in the USA, and tens of thousands of adult leaders and professionals. Add the Scouts and leaders from around the world and we have a staggering membership. Even if we get a small percentage of the Scouts and leaders with internet access to participate in this I think we could make this work.


So here is my idea. Let's make a "Youtube Scouting Video Day" on February 8th. Let's try to get as many Scouts, adult leaders, friends, and family members to watch Boy Scout videos as we are able. Let's see if we can get a video or two to appear on the Youtube front pages and really help to promote Scouting to the internet masses, or at least the Youtube viewers.


To make this the most effective I think we need to concentrate our efforts on just a few videos, but I encourage you to watch as many as your time table allows. Here are the videos I would suggest we watch:


In The Scout Zone Video (2:24)


The BSA Commercial featuring Jim Lovell (0:30)


A Cub Scout Commercial featuring Steve Young (0:30)


and finally, the "What Parents Say About Scouting" (5:52)



This would amount to approximately ten minutes of your time if you watched all four videos, ten minutes to help promote Boy Scouting and Cub Scouting on a popular internet site. Would you be willing to spend ten minutes trying to bring Scouting videos to the light of day for one day?


So, I ask that you spread the word about "Youtube Scouting Video Day". Copy this message and send it to other Scouts and leaders. Let's see if we can't get these videos highlighted to the internet masses and promote Scouting on February 8th.

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That Jim Lovell video was pretty good. Glad I watched them. Thanks for the idea stevejb! I hope it works.


(mostly posted to get the tread back on the "24 hours" page)(This message has been edited by asm416)

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