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No, local1400, a real Mainah would not stick his bare hand into a hot bed of coals, unless he was like my brothah and not paying attention while talking to someone.


Provided, in his case, it was being asked to move a fire grate and said grate was cherry hot at the time, but he was too busy talking to someone else to realize this until everyone in the camp fell silent when he didn't react to the sizzle of "handburger" at first. It was only then that he realized what he had done as he finally started feeling the pain. Fortunately, we were at the old Abol campground (no longer there) at Baxter Park and he hightailed it down to the pond and dunked his hand in the pond. Amazingly, no scars. He still tells that tale to this day to the scouts in his troop.


No, thank you. I'll use a stick.

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