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Hello Campers,


I have to take issue with Bob WHite on a small matter he wrote about. I think that you were wrong in that other post Bob to suggest that just because you can get POO TOAST from POT ROAST, Either Poo or Toast constitute real Pot Roasting.


POO TOAST is really disgusting Bob. And Pot Roast is really scrumptious. They may share the same letters Bob - but they are NOTHING alike!!!!!


I will admit that TOAST may go with ROAST, and you can certainly POO in a POT, BUT surely you would agree Bob that the relationship to POO ROASTING AND POT TOASTING are separate activities and should NOT be confused or interchanged.


Beav, help me out here man, am I right or am I right??!!


This is not meant to be a personal attack Bob. It's just my take on it.



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If it weren't for the internet, I can visualize this conversation set around a blazing campfire at camp. A dozen Dutch ovens circling around the fire all with a different aroma of pot roast wafting on the breeze. Scoutmomma sitting in a lawnchair with a bottle of wine in her hand and her expression a little glazed over staring off into space. Evmori sitting on a campstool huddled over the Dutches trying not to drool on himself too much. OldGreyEagle is sitting there pondering the universe and wondering why the Christians don't have a salt of their own. And Bob, Beavah, and Gold off in the shadows making a cloud of dust, wailing away on each other.... CalicoPenn is cheering them on with a tailgate party of her own with a brat in one hand and beer in the other yelling "GO PACK!" Do cheese hats qualify as an official uniform piece in Wisconsin? FScouter has thrown a penalty flag but can't remember why, and LisaBob is standing there shaking her head wondering whether she should laugh or cry.


Ya gotta love this Scouting stuff.


Stosh who is taking names and notes and will tell everyone's mom when he gets home. :^)

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Replying to Lisa's request, sorry I'm late, but I was at Scout Camp for workday when she posted it, then I had a priority of EagleSons' Honor Band concert.


3-4 lb chuck roast.

1-2 onions

1 lb baby carrots

1 lb tomatoes (optional)

2 cans beef broth (low sodium)

~ 1 Cup Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, the drier the better.


Dice and carmelize the onions


Preheat oven to 275F


Sear the chuck roast on all sides, about 2 minutes per side.


Put the carmelized onions and the carrots in the bottom of a large (6 quart minimum) pot (I use a Le Cruseut (sp?) Size E at home).


Put roast in oven, covered.


Add broth and wine to fill. Cold water can be used, as the juices from the roast will become part of the pot liquour.


Cook for 3 hours.


NOTE: I've learned to have a underliner of an aluminum turkey roaster or a corningware roasting pan the hard way.


HTH, Lisa :)(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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We've had this discussion before.... you list wine in the ingredients, but somehow from the instructions it doesn't seem to have made it into the pot. Hmmmm.... This thread may get "cut off" at any moment... I'm beginning to wonder if we're going to need a designated driver for this forum.




LOL! Thanks John, nice edit!(This message has been edited by jblake47)

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I had my priorities this weekend.


Bob's original analogy breaks down imo with the variations in the food item he selected. There's only one rule that I know of for pot roast: It's about the ultimate in moist heat methods. Everything else is variable. If I happen to have to try to make it hamburger, I'll probably end up with a superb meat soup or stew, but heck... you make do with the resources you have :)


That's far closer to Beavah's model of Scouting ... which isn't quite "whatever it takes" to "follow the rules precisely."


As for the wine, well, if someone's gonna whine about the wine... leave it out ;) Then you won't have a whimper about the wine.


As an aside, I probably won't be around much this coming week. Training trip in my day job to the East Coast.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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Huh. That was interestin'.


Sorry to interrupt da Pot Roasting again.


First, there appeared on Sunday a message from me in the middle of page 3 that was really a response to some of the text on page 1 of this thread. That message was unintentional; it was a response that I had typed much earlier but chosen not to send. Not quite sure why it posted. Reckon I must have somehow clicked through it in a window I left open. My sincerest apologies to the group if folks felt it was in any way inappropriate or out of place. When I noticed it a bit later I eliminated it in favor of a pot roast and other foods comment.


Yah, then da soup thickens. That comment was apparently deleted by FScouter for reasons that weren't clear to me (and that actually annoyed me quite a bit). But I think I just figured it out. It seems the scouter.com system allows simultaneous edits. When I go grab an edit window on a message, it just stays open, eh? The edit can be posted at any time. If another edit happens in between, it just gets deleted when da first edit posts. I just did it with da messages "Testing...." and "Testing... Again" back a little ways. That edit window I left open for hours.


So I reckon F and I were workin' the same message, he finished first, then I replaced his or vice-versa. Dat's fine, eh, the message was unintentional and out of place and again I'm sorry for it. F, if yeh again feel da need, you can replace your "smack down" of me that I deleted while testing. And da rest of you are now aware of an interestin' system quirk that surprised me, and had me quite annoyed with F though I don't reckon it was his fault. [need a sheepish looking smillie!]


We now return you to Pot Roast. I believe I voted for Voyageurs venison version...mmmm.....




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Little hint, Beavah, Type the message in a text program first. Then you can rant and edit without accidentally submitting. (firekat sits staring into the fire. Tail curled over toes. Tip twitching wondering when the delicious pot roasts will be ready.)

Always keep your steam under control or you lose the best flavors.

Let's eat! What to drink with the lovely pot roast?

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Beavah, Bob, Ed


Please don't use the forums to carry on a feud as to who said what and what they meant. Lecturing one another and arguing is hardly Scout-like and is beneath the dignity of all of you.


(Bob White's response was deleted by mistake. There's no hidden message in that.)




(This message has been edited by a staff member.)


I didn't post this but it's under my name! I was eating pot roast & watching football!(This message has been edited by evmori)

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I can almost see that campfire now. Except CalicoPenn is short for the Calico Pennant Dragonfly, and has nothing to do with cats (I assume thats why you think this Eagle Scout is a "she"), I live in the Chicago area and the only time I would be yelling "Go Pack" is if I was in the Northwoods of Wisconsin surrounded by rapid Packers Fans holding chain saws and other implements of potential destruction, and oddly enough, though I'll cook with it, I don't drink beer. But I'll still hand you the best darn Brat you'll ever eat. And I much prefer the Red Beret to a polystyrene Cheese Hat, than you very much.


As for Bobwhite's anlogy breaking down, I have to disagree - anyone who has ever tried to braise ground beef (and thats the cooking method used for Pot Roast - braising - but Pot Braise just doesn't sound very appetizing does it) knows that you end up with a gray, mushy lump that doesn't look, smell or taste very good. Indeed, the analogy is perfect - good on ya Bobwhite!



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It only goes to show how much we really don't understand and how much we assume from the bits and pieces of personality we get off these posts. Thanks for the update.


I'm a Packer Fan, not a PACKER FAN!!! I like my brats, don't own a Farve jersey, watch when I'm able and turn it off at half time because the Pack is playin' like a bunch of old ladies. Where's Lombardi and Starr when you need them? Alas, the good old days!





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I've posted my fav. post roast recipe elsewhere in the forum, but it grossed others out at the time.


The scouts think it's great 'cause there are no dishes to clean-up and you can leave the pot (or dutch oven) home.





Me, Tarzan! Me take'em Roast and put in ziplock bag. Me dump large bottle of mustard over roast (Maine Made Raye's Stoneground Old European Spicy Mustard is best!). ME seal bag and let sit on ice in cooler overnight.


Next day, me build up hot fire to make bed of coals. Me dump contents of roast and mustard from bag onto coals. Me bury roast in coals and cook for 20 to 30 minutes. Me find stick as big around as wrist. Me sharpen one end and stab into roast to get out of fire. Me plunge roast into firebucket to put out any hot spots. Me carve off outer quarter inch of burnt crust and enjoy juicy, mustard-flavored roast. YUM! :)

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