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Check the material. Is it the older cotton/wool canvas? or the more modern nylon stuff? Go check with a couple of cleaners before you go with a particular one. You want to ask for new, CLEAN solvent, not the end-of-the-day stuff.

Often rust type stains can be spot cleaned with OTC stuff like "oxyclean".

Perhaps it's time to think about retiring the ole faithful. Maybe a glass case on the wall of the CO? What about all those ribbons? Many years of ribbons would make a heckuva display.

Any signatures around the edges? What's it's history?


YiS and Happy Christmas

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I have successfully washed our pack flag in cold water in a home washing machine. It is 40+ years old and looks like it is cotton (there were no content label in those days).


I have had less luck with the nylon banner


even in cold water the fringe ran. So I'd be careful with any newer flag that has fringe.

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