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Scouter patch collection stolen

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QUOTE: "A couple of years ago someone broke into our Venturers' Den, breaking the lock on the door, and stole nothing but the Australian flag. (Yes, I'm in Australia.)


It's nice to have patriotic criminals."




As to the main topic, I'm sorry to hear of the loss. I view this type of theft as almost as bad as stealing Christmas presents. The other week, someone near here stole money from some Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of a grocery store.




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Yet another update on this.


At the close of the auction, the winning bidder's username was revealed. I sent them a quick heads-up about the auction. Turns out the winning bidder was a police officer, who held off on paying after my tip. He contacted the police in the town the theft victims live in. In the meantime, the police did follow-up with the auctioner this past Monday (two days after the auction closed). Why we never heard of them is that she was selling these for her boy friend, who was a former scout in the victim's old scout troop (from a decade and a different town/troop ago). He had earned /traded for those patches as a scout and had decided to sell. The victims confirmed this once they learned who the seller really was. So it was a legit auction. The police confirmed this to the high bidder who then moved forward with the transaction.


High bidder informed me of all this and thanked me for the heads-up and wished us luck in our pursuit of the thieves. So the stolen collection is still out there somewhere and we still have many volunteers in this district who are keeping an eye on Ebay. But now, we now have a better idea of what we're watching for since the victims had never made a good inventory of what was stolen.


It's just one of those rare coincidences that one of their former scouts decided to sell his collection at this time. Very frustrating and a relief at the same time. Frustrating it wasn't theirs and a relief that if it had been, it would have been recovered before it could get shipped out.


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