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Holiday Overnight Question

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Hi. We want to treat our Scouts and our Adult Leaders to a special Holiday trip in the big city. We camp out every month and this December we would like to do something a little different.


We want to go to the Boy Scout Museum in Irving, eat a pizza, maybe even stroll through the Galleria..... who knows?


We are attempting to locate a place that we can just go into and just throw down our bed rolls and sleep overnight.


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? This needs to be within a short distance to the Museum if possible.


Thanks in Advance,



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I did try the museum.... $400 per night up to 100 people! Not bad for a large troop but ours is a little small (less than 20). Might still be an option though.




Elaine Bressman @ ebressma@netbsa.org if you want more info.

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When our troop takes trips that require overnight travel other than camping, we try to find a National Guard Armory to stay at. There are lots of ways to search for this on the Internet but if a state guard does not publish armory info on their web site, I have found that searching for "National Guard Armory, City, State" (e.g., National Guarnd Armory, Irving, TX) on maps.google.com is pretty successful. If it finds one, it will give you its phone number.(This message has been edited by MarkS)

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Churches are usually a good place to start, especially if they sponsor a troop.


Another thought is to contact a unit up in either Longhorn (LonghornCouncil.Org) or CircleTen Council (CircleTen.Org)-- they may be willing to ask their CO if you can use their facility for an overnighter. I have a few contacts still active in Longhorn, so PM me if interested.


Failing all that, there is a camp not too far from the museum -- Hills and Hollows is in Denton, and about 20 minutes drive from the museum.

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