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Tonight, perhaps, it is my proudest moment in my scouting days. My oldest son joins the elite group! He is an Eagle Scout! He just walked out of the BOR, beaming from ear to ear. I am a proud father, indeed!


Eagle ... a rank that very few scouts can attain and even fewer men have achieved.


One down ... two to go!




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Congratulations. Having 3 sons myself, but much younger at the moment, I look forward to the moment when they get thier Eagle awards as well. (It's a family tradition that if you are a boy and want your drivers license...you'll get it when you get your Eagle Scout. It has been a strong motivator! It worked for my parents!)


Best regards,



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Congratulations, OneHour :). Please congratulate yourself, your family, your son, and his Scoutmaster and Scout Leaders on behalf of me and my son who just successfully completed his Eagle BoR and is waiting to receive the official Eagle paperwork from BSA HQ. This was the proudest moment of my scouting days, too.


BTW, I'm looking at a picture of the second proudest moment which was standing on the summit of Mt. Phillips at Philmont with my son on Father's Day, June 17, 2007--8 months after I had quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery.


Is anybody not ready? Hike on! IWTGBTP.

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Thank you all!


One interesting fact ... My son came into the troop with 23 friends. Currently, he is #11 out of the original 23 to attain Eagle this year. They came in together. They achieved their final destinations together! There are 5 of the original 23 left. They all are Life scouts! Average age 15.8 years old. Of the remaining 5, 3 needs to finish their project. Two needs their final 2-3 eagle requirement merit badges.


Another interesting fact ... the original 32 boys in the troop who hated my son's class when they came in, most of them decided to drop out and have nothing to do with the new boys! We basically rebuilt the troop. We are currently standing at 82 registered and 52+ active.


In our troop, the average time that it takes to get from Scout to Eagle is about 61 months.


Eagle factory? Neah ... it is pure peer pressure!


Good program? Neah ... but we're trying!


I am very proud of my son and his friends!

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Congratulations to son (and dad). It is a very special moment in time. I just wish we could bottle it up and bring it out on occassion to let others get a whiff of that feeling of accomplishment and relief. Best of luck to sons 2 and 3 - there is nothing like having an older brother to offer encouragement!

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