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Registration Fee Chart

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Can somebody explain the registration fee chart in the youth application? What month is the "12" month? If you join in September, what month is that?


Steve McDanal

Committee Chairman

Webelos Den Leader

Pack 1786

Unit Commissioner

Pack 1784

Camp Director

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The chart is for those units that want to pro-rate the registration fees for the time from initial registration to recharter.


For instance, if your unit recharters in January, for those new Scouts and Scouters registering in September, they would have 4 months until recharter so would pay a registration fee of $3.40 for that period. They would then pay $10 for an entire year for the January recharter



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We have a January recharter in my pack, so the way we handle it is to have new Scouts pay $13.40, and returning Scouts $10. That way we don''t have to collect twice--one in September and again in January.


However, if someone didn''t have the money, we could arrange to do the $3.40/$10 thing.



Cubmaster, Pack 9

Lansing, MI

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