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What foods are considered a delicacy in your area?

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I guess I would have to say chicken fried steak with gravy. Homemade fried okra with cornmeal as a light coating. Some folks like it boiled but I can't get past the slime. And apricot fried pies, yum-yum! Basically just good ole southern foods (most of it fried).




And just about anything slow smoked/BBQ'd

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I'm from south Louisiana. Everyone knows a Cajun will eat anything that won't eat them first, but the secret is we cook it so good that everyone loves it. The boys in my troop have made seafood jambalaya in dutch ovens, we have grilled redfish on an open fire, made bread pudding from cherished family recipes, and cooked chicken and sausage gumbo for the staff at summer camp in northern Wisconsin (L.E. Phillips).


We always try to promote our culture wherever we travel, and we do this through the best known way, our food.

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Hey, did you see the aforementioned toasted ravioli made it into National Geographic? Sept. 07, in the unnumbered front pages under Culture....to lift a quote, St. Louis native Amanda McDougall, "It''s not a trip home unless you get toasted ravioli."



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A couple of months back I was in Lancaster County PA.

Hanging out in Bird In Hand and Intercourse PA.

Unexpectedly I found an English Tea Shop!!

I loaded up with McVities Cookies, Black and White Puddings, English Sausages, Birds Custard Powder. English Potato Crisps.

Boy did we have a big breakfast!!

Last Sunday we were in my favorite Italian Deli. They have a great international selection of cheese. I loaded up with real English Cheddar and an entire wheel of Stilton.

To-night at our house we are having Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, I have a leg of lamb in the freezer and I have some fresh mint in the garden, thinking about having Roast Lamb with mint sauce, with potatoes and asparagus with some hollandaise sauce.

That Italian Deli makes the best crusty bread (Not cheap at $4.58 a loaf) But along with the cheese the bread, pickled onions and chutney and a glass of real ale!! It''s a ploughman''s lunch to die for.

I also have a Spotted Dick in the freezer and will soon be thinking of making a real English Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding. Need to get them done soon so I can feed them!!

Boy this thread is making me hungry!!


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Carol -


I thought you were from Texas when I saw the chicken fried steak. I KNEW you were from Texas when I saw the fried okra. Mmmm! I remember living along the Jersey Shore and going to grocery stores and asking for okra. People just looked at me funny. I finally had someone FedEx some from my home state. -- And campout okra, made in a dutch oven, is almost as good as mamaw used to make. (I''m back in Texas these days, so the okra is easy to come by.)


Don''t forget the peach cobbler and the BEST barbecue in the country, smoked brisket (for which none of that sweet KC sauce or mustardy Carolina stuff is necessary -- dry rubbed Texas barbecue brisket smoked with pecan wood is a true stand-alone).


Ya''ll have me hungry!

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