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Snoopy, the Beagle Scout

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I just might have to stop by Hallmark now. My Christmas tree could use a new ornament or two.


By the way, after writing that blog about Snoopy, I have writen two more articles about other times Scouting has appeared in the comics or cartoon characters have appeared as a Scout (during my life time). Add Garfield, Calvin, Mikey, Casper, and Superman to the list.



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My father taught his own Boy Scout version of BALOO when I was a Scout. He always handed out a packet of info with a Beagle Scout comic on the cover.

Part of my Wood Badge Ticket was teaching BALOO courses. I contacted United Feature Synd. (copyright holder) and described the strip. They sent it to me in digital format and gave me permission to reprint it for the BALOO handout I put together. It tells the importance of knowing what to pack when you go on a hike. If anybody is interested, I can forward it on.


Steve McDanal

Committee Chairman

Webelos Den Leader

Pack 1786

Unit Commissioner

Pack 1784

Camp Director

Western Shore (St. Mary's) Day Camp


I used to be an EAGLE

NCAC 82-89


Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

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Local1400, I'll offer you your original asking price in Zimbabwe dollars or the equivalent in US dollars (let's see now, that's maybe 3 US dollars in the current market). Interested?

Remember, you didn't specify a quarter million of what! ;)

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There are a great many familiar cartoon scout related characters, as noted, and also many lesser known. I have a great copy of the Flintstones at the Jamboree from the 60's, an Archie cover and a related one called Tippy Teen, a Blondie strip, Donald and his nephews, Goofy Scoutmaster, Elsie the Cow, Ha-Ha Comics, Super Boy, and of course the Roy Powers and Little Scouts series. Also a lot of advertising promo items are out there such as Dennis the Menace, Ronald MacDonald, PacMan, Kermit, Smokey the Bear, M & M's, Tweety, and Taz. Whether or not they were approved, there are patches with Beetle Bailey, BC, and others I am sure. One of the more interesting series I have represented is the European Cat Scouts. Another more recent one I came across is one called Muslim Scouts; I have scans of two covers, and there may be more. There are at least two Simpson dolls, and of course the various Teddy's. Lot of other more peripheral items that take swipes at the program either tongue in cheek or for real. I have one from Playboy, an OzzieFest, and one called the Freak Scouts, as well as a number of slightly lacivious ones with "bombshell" characters. The scouts put out two or three series of great camp postcards with humorous things; most of you probably have seen some of them. I have accumulated dozens of miscellaneous ones, and there are likely hundreds more.


The real point here is how this is another example of how much Scouting is a part of our culture, and that around the world.

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When our son was 5, I registered in a Pack as a Committee Member. The christened our son a "Beagle Scout" and gave him a badge with Snoopy wearing a campaign cap.


Sorry to say, the next year the pack folded and we moved to another one.


Exact same thing that happend to me 40 years ago.

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