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Scout Funeral Services


On occasion, a troop may experience the loss of a Scout or leader. It is a difficult time for everyone. At the request of the family or with the permission of the family and religious leader, Scouts may participate in the funeral and memorial service to celebrate the life of the Scout or leader. Some things that may be appropriate include:


Attending in uniform

Sitting together as a unit

Serving as honorary pallbearers or ushers.

Serving during the service by doing such things as reciting the Scout Oath or Law.


The primary concern is for the family and its preferences. The involvement of the troop or Scouts in the troop is at the discretion of the family and its religious leaders.


Funeral Service for Scout or Scouter


This outline is merely a guide. The wishes of the Family and spiritual advisor take precedent.


1. Processional


o Color Guard brings in US flag and Troop flag

o Pallbearers follow

o Scouts and Scouters in Uniform follow


2. Opening Prayer


Almighty Father, as we grieve the loss of (Name of Deceased), help us to remember his involvement with Scouting. Show us how he lived the Scout oath and law. We ask that you comfort us as we will miss his friendship and fellowship.


3. Pastoral Comments


(Highlights of the Deceased's life and Scouting accomplishments)


4. Song: "On My Honor"


5. Readings: (Listed below are some suggestions.)


o Psalms 23:1-6

o Psalms 37:5

o Jeremiah 29:11

o I Corinthians 15:54-57


6. Comments from friends


7. "Scout Vespers"


8. Closing Benediction


"May the Great Scoutmaster of all Scouts be with us until we meet again, and may our footsteps lead unto Him."


9. Taps


10. Recessional


Ref: http://www.scouting.org/relationships/chaplains/index.html

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My Troop had a 15-year-old Scout tragically die this year. That and the impending Funeral was one of the toughest things I've ever had to do.


The Scout was not in uniform, but he was presented in his casket holding onto his Scout handbook. The Troop was in full Class A, the youth did an opening flag ceremony and worked as ushers. We all sat together and several uniformed leaders were the pall bearers.


This is an extremely brave thing for the young Scouts in a unit to attend, let alone participate in. We found that for many of them, this was the first funeral they've ever been to. We never really asked for volunteer to help, they all came to us saying "Please tell me what can I do". Brave young men, watch over them if they ever have to go through something like this.



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