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Happy Birthday Scouting! 100 years old Today

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Well, my son is at the World Jamboree, celebrating the 100th anniversary of WOSM. 100 years ago today Baden-Powell blew the Kudu horn on Brown Sea Island to start what has become the largest youth based program in the world.


This is a very exciting time to be a Scout.

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Ditto kb6jra!!


My son is also at the jamboree. According to the website (http://eng.thejamboree.org/) his sub-camp (Atoll) led the procession into the arena this morning for the sunrise ceremony. We haven't heard from him directly, but we're following it via troop emails and internet photos. It must be totally overwhelming, but I'm sure they are having the time of their lives. Can't wait to hear all about it!!


Here are a few links to some photos:





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I saw this in the paper last night, I wanted to post this last night but I had enought of the computer for the day.


I stood outside of work today and recited the Scout Oath and Law.




At 8 a.m. Wednesday, Boy Scouts from around the world will raise three fingers to their brow and recite the Scout pledge in honor of the 100th anniversary of the organization.


One century ago on Brownsea Island off the coast of England, Robert Baden-Powell opened the worlds first Scout camp with the sound of his kudu horn. From 20 Scouts assembled that morning to millions today, the Boy Scouts organization has grown to a worldwide entity.


Baden-Powell was a military intelligence officer who wrote a training manual for the military titled, Aid to Scouting.


The manual became very popular, especially with teachers and youth organizations. Baden-Powell revised it as a non-military book and centered on a more naturalist theme. He renamed it Scouting For Boys and it became the first manual for the Boy Scouts.


In London there will be a special celebration commemorating the anniversary attended by 40,000 boys from 168 countries. Five Scouts from our area will be attending.


We will have a re-enactment at Camp Freeland Leslie in Oxford Wis., as well said Nancy Loftus, marketing and communications director for Three Fires Council in St. Charles. A kudu horn will sound at 8 a.m. followed by a flag ceremony and activities similar to the activities that were held 100 years ago.


William D. Boyce, a newspaper publisher from Chicago, is credited with bringing the Scout organization to America.


In 1909, Boyce was visiting London and got lost in a dense fog. A boy assisted him and Boyce offered him a tip for his service. The boy refused to accept it, stating that as a Scout he would not take a tip for doing a good turn.


The organization officially became Boy Scouts of America on Feb. 8, 1910. President Taft was the organizations first honorary president.


In 1929 the scout organization came to our area with the creation of the Fox Valley Council. Official uniforms came into being in 1930 at the cost of $6.05.


During the war years the Boy Scouts did a good turn by helping with the war effort, selling war bonds and war stamps. Some packs had victory gardens and helped further by collecting grease, milkweed floss and newspapers.


The Fox Valley Council merged with neighboring communities to form the Three Fires Council. It is the third largest council in America serving more than 35,000 kids from DuPage, Kane, Kendall, DeKalb, Will and Cook counties.


The boys are busy. Last year they gave more than 80,000 hours of service to their communities.


Throughout the years Scouts have learned about life skills and how to become integral members of their communities. Starting as young Tiger Cubs in kindergarten, they advance each year after earning the necessary merit badges. The highest level of scouting is the Eagle Scout award and only 2 percent of the membership has achieved it because of the commitment of time and work involved.


Batavian Doug Whitley made it. He grew up in Atwood, Ill., a rural town in east central Illinois. He became an Eagle Scout in 1967.


My project had something to do with a city park, he said. Todays Eagle Scout projects are far more elaborate than I seem to recall from my years.


Requirements for Eagle Scout include scout spirit, service and leadership. Notable Eagle Scouts over the years have included presidents, Navy admirals, cinematographers, explorers, businessmen, war heroes, just about any field can claim an Eagle Scout in its ranks. Known for their leadership skills, many Eagle Scouts excel in their fields. Doug Whitley served as president of Ameritech and is currently President and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.


One hundred years and still going strong. Congratulations!



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Thank you dan. ManyIrons, (love that name) My son is in one of 4 Venture Crews from the US attending, One of two from the Western Region. They're in Wadi subcamp and I hope having a good time. That's cool about your son's unit leading the procession. My son's Crew was chosen to "play" with Prince William during opening ceremonies (games, drums, etc.) and they were given front row seats to whatever else happened that day. They continue to get interviewed, filmed and have photos taken of members of their crew, although I have yet to see one of my son...I wonder if he actually got on the plane come to think of it...


They're in Venturing uniforms and White Stetson hats, the only one of the 4 crews who picked the Stetson as "official" wear. I've been able to download a few dozen photos of his crew, not to mention the videos and stuff. Quite a cool deal if I do say so. I wish I could have gone, but $5G's is a lot of dough, and as long as only one of us could go, I'm glad it was him.


I talked to my scouts last night, giving them the info on Scouting Sunrise this morning, I hope they took it to heart, I know I did.


BTW, thanks for the links, those are great.



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Robert Baden-Powell (18571941), founder of Scouting, is listed as #13 on the 100 Greatest Britons of all time (ahead of Queen Victoria, Paul McCartney, Queen Elizabeth II, Stephen Hawking, William Wilberforce, William Blake, Charles Dickens, William Wallace, Alexander Graham Bell, JRR Tolkein, Sir Walter Raleigh, etc. etc.)



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You're welcome kb6jra.


Ditto on "wish I were there". It was only 4K from Illinois, but 8K total was waaaaay too rich for my blood. That and having all the adult slots full made it an easy decision for me ;)


We haven't heard from our Scout and probably won't. I told him he spent too much money to be wasting time on line for a phone or email. Mrs. ManyIrons feels differently but also wants him to get maximum fun out of this.


Ditto also on the lack of photo evidence of his attendance over there. The odds are obviously against us, but I swear every photo we have of him since he was born has him staring right at the camera -- even in the group candid shots. The boy is a camera hound, but may have met his match. Good luck in your quest.


P.S. The name refers to the "many irons" I have in the "fire". It's only "many" because I add 'em faster than I ever get 'em out! :p

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"At 8 a.m. Wednesday, Boy Scouts from around the world will raise three fingers to their brow and recite the Scout pledge in honor of the 100th anniversary of the organization."


Sorry I missed it. I just checked my Council's website, and nary a mention of the occasion. Just a banner headline about the latest FOS fundraiser dinner. Glad to see the priorities are still intact. Well, I'll be looking forward to 08/01/2107...for the 200th anniversary.


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Here's a link to 500 additional photos from the jamboree: http://www.tsa.thirdlight.com/libraryhome.tlx


Once the page opens, follow the link at the bottom for "Latest pictures . . . "


kb6jra I sent you a PM. I spotted a Venture Crew member who is definitely from the Western Region. If you download the photo and zoom in you can read their name tag.(This message has been edited by ManyIrons)

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Yep, that's one of them ManyIrons. Thanks.


They're having a great time, one of the kids contacted the outside world so the parents shared with us the message. "having a lot of fun, will talk soon."


LOL, I chimed in "tell my son to step in front of a camera to get photographic evidence that he's there".


The Crew was planning a reunion for next year before they left, I hope that comes to fruition. I can't wait to hear the stories.



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