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Has anyone ever had a question answered when posting here?

- Yes all time and really good answers too.


Does it just lead to more questions?

- It better otherwise this discussion board would get pretty dull.



Remember, the program is for the Scouts, not the adults.

- Is there a specific post where you saw otherwise?



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I have gotten great answers here and think it is a valuable resource.


Now if someone posts a question that doesn't give enough info to make a reasonable statement, well, they are going to be asked questions...

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And just having gone and read the post John-in-KC referenced, usetobeafox is really not clear about what the issue he wants addressed to be.


I was going to post my list of possible questions here but think they are probably more appropriately done in the other thread.


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I've got a problem with my car. Can you tell me what I should do to fix it?


Probably not without askin' me a lot of questions about exactly what's goin' on with it, eh? ;)


Yah, Foxy. I know you're real close to the problem, eh? So it's personal. Yeh gotta remember, we're far away. If you're really lookin' for advice or information that would be useful, we gotta ask questions.


If you're just lookin' for a place to vent, that's OK too, yah? Just make it clear so we can offer sympathy instead of advice, eh? :)








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I find the point of this thread quite puzzling.


title of the thread: "Get a Life". this is usually a put down or insult of people by some who thing they are wasteing their time on something. Is that the impression you are trying to convey to us? That we need to 'get a life'?


"Has anyone ever had a question answered when posting here? Does it just lead to more questions?"


I don't think I've ever NOT seen a question answered. Was the answer what the questioner wanted? No, but that's what happens.


Does it lead to more questions? It can if the original question is confusing or incomplete (as was yours in the thread you started). Thus people are forced to draw out further information from the original questioner. They can also come up if the issue is more complex then the original questioner thought or that answers given lead to further questions.


But then, that's the nature of on-line discussion groups.


"Remember, the program is for the Scouts, not the adults."


Uh, yes, I think most of us are aware of this and agree with this. Is this yet another attempt at a put down?


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It's also part of the nature of active listening (or active reading in this case).


We're not sure we received the message Mr Foxy wanted to send us, so we're probing, trying to get to the real question.


We can easily give a short answer. It may not solve Mr Foxy's problem, but we can cut our efforts and be done with it.


If we're not answering your real question, Mr Foxy, give us some feedback (it's a gift), and help us get to what you really need answered.

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i have had a lot of my questions anwsered through this forum website. i understand that scouting is for the youth but at the same time you have to see that when scouts have questions they go and ask the adult scouter so with out this site where are the SCOUTERS suppose to go with THEIR question. i think this site is great because as a new scouter (just turned 18) i have a lot of questions and im glad that older scouters are helping me out.


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Interesting questions Usetobeafox! Methinks you were looking for a short answer and that you did not get one. I've sometimes seen answers to questions here. I've also seen as with any forum plenty of thoughtless answers like yeah what he said etc. Other answers that really have nothing to do with the OP's question. I've also seen plenty of thought provoking OP's which do not seem to generate thoughtful answers. Perhaps this is just the way forums are as I've seen the same things elsewhere.


I think lots of folks just want to know more of the story or have a sincere interest in the unsaid issues even though in many respects they really have no bearing to the OP question.(This message has been edited by BrotherhoodWWW)

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I think I have learned more by "evesdropping" in on others threads than from the replys I have gotten myself. It has been a real education for me here the last ten months and helped me avoid the tunnel vision of how Scouting is done in my neck of the woods. So a big thank you to those who take the time to share what they have learned!


Lead by example.

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I don't particularly like the title of this thread. "Get a Life" seems to imply (or is that really infer?) we don't already have a life.


Many of us have devoted countless hours (and dollars) to scouting, some of us are just getting started.


Regardless, it may be easier to get some answers here from a fountain of knowledge rather than asking someone at roundtable who may be prone to go back to your unit with other info. This is a harmless avenue to use, learn from it, enjoy it, even make friends.


I have backpacked with Packsaddle (and look forward to it again) and exchanged patches with Local1400.





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Me too, Gonzo. I just got off the Chattooga and, man, I need to do that more often. Low water though, we ran Bull Sluice and Woodall and it was kind of tame. When it cools a bit, I'm up for another backpack too.

Regarding questions, I have often learned new things form this forum, actually I continue to learn. But this mostly comes from reading many responses to many other questions. Sometimes they're questions I never even thought of but they're interesting anyway.

I'm not sure what that 'get a life' thing is about but, depending on the circumstances, it can be a put down or a humorous jab. When I start talking about my work, my daughter sometimes tell me to 'get a life', upon which time I begin to sing rap music in my own unique manner. I love the way she rolls her eyes.;)

Someone tell me that THAT's not having a life. :)

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