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Patchs a Scouter can earn?

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No, not the little knot ones, ones like the Mile Swim or 50 Miler or Lifeguard. Last week I saw an adult awarded a Mile Swim patch, the distance wouldn't be hard for me but all those turns would! So which ones can I work for without the Uniform Police knocking on my door some morning?

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Emergency Preparedness:


Your troop/crew can earn the Ready and Prepared award - a assume adults can wear the patch


Physcial fitness


International Activity emblem (assuming your council has adoped requirements)


Good Turn for America & the rockers


Leave No Trace



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Adults who are commissioners can earn the Commissioner's College patch with rockers for Basic, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor's level rockers.


Maybe World conservation too, but I'm not sure.

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Some awards that can be earned by an adult Scouter -


Emergency Preparedness Award

BSA Physical Fitness Award

Leave No Trace Awareness Award

Interpreter Strip

Mile Swim BSA


Earned by entire praticipating unit, including adult leaders -

50-Miler Award

Historic Trails Award

BSA Ready & Prepared Award



Qualification Training Awards -

Snorkeling BSA

Scuba BSA

Kayaking BSA


Not really an award, more like a job training/certification

BSA Lifeguard



Lifesaving or Meritorious Action Awards -

Honor Medal With Crossed Palms

Honor Medal

Heroism Award

Medal of Merit

National Certificate of Merit

Local Council Certificate of Merit


Adult Religious Emblems

Young American Award - Service award for College students 19-25 years old


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ScoutNut pretty much hit them all.


There are also:


High Adventure Base participation patches (Philmont Arrowhead, etc.).


OA Leadership in Service Award (yearly participation award)


BSA Aquatics Instructor.


Attending National Camping School entitles you to wear that patch. But its more of an attendence patch (similiar to 'earning' a camporee or training event patch).


The Gold Hornaday award can be earned by Scouters (VERY difficult to get). CAN'T earn the World Conservation Award (only youth can).


Not sure if adults can earn the Paul Bunyan Award.

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Thankyou to all who replied with great info!

I forgot to mention it but I think my council awards a very cold weather camping patch to adults if they are on the same campout where the boys earn it. I earned it twice as a boy but will hold off wearing it till earned as an adult as well.

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