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12 years old and still in Cub Scouts

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OK. Here's a situation that came up recently. Scoutmasters in our District were given a listing of Webelos that did not join boy Scout troops this spring and encouraged to call their parents and invite them to come visit their troop. Most are 10-11 years old and just completed 5th grade. A couple of the boys on the list are 12 years old.


At roundable one particular Scout's name came up. He is 12 years old and will be going into the 4th grade. His Cubmaster was at roundtable and mentioned the boy in particular from the list as being a Wolf just going into Bears in the Fall. Yes, because he's going into 4th grade he should be going into Webelos, but somewhere along the line he has been progressing since he started the Pack as a Tiger - probably got held back during that time and is continuing in Cubs according to his grade rather than his age. I really don't know the whole situation there.


I was told that this particular boy has some emotional as well as developmental problems which has kept him behind in his academic progress (thus, just going into 4th grade at age 12).


What do you do with this boy?

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BSA gives wiggle room that may be uncomfortable anyway you look at it.




I would have him do a minimum of time in Webelos, then move him into boy scouts as soon as he can comfortably get there because of his age. At the rate he's going, he may be 24 before he gets a high school diploma.


He doesn't qualify for anything less than webelos and his age qualifies him for boy scouts.

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Call your DE or DC; ask for contact infor for either the District or the Council special needs coordinator. There are procedures ... just as there are procedures in Boy Scouting. All you have to do is follow them.


Perhaps someone here also has those procedures near to hand.

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I personally would let him stay with the boys in his grade even though they are not the same age.


There are obviously outside reasons why this boy has not progressed academically as children the same age would. I would also assume that if you took the boy from the age group that he can identify with socially and put him in an age group that he could not identify socially with he would never get anything out of Scouting and most likely quit.


I have a 9/almost 10 year old in a Wolf pack at the moment, it is because that is where he should be so that he can Do His Best.


Everyone's best is different, some need more help than others.

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I agree with ABCDE.


The boy falls into the "Special Needs" category. By pulling him out of an area where he feels comfortable and that he fits, and put him with scouts that are 2 or 3 years ahead of him developmentally and psychologically, could be disastrous for his psyche. You take the chance that the older scouts will not be understanding and accommodating of his differences and will tease and mock him. The same unfortunately may occur with some of the adult leadership also, unless he is crossed over into an appropriate Troop.


By letting him stay with the younger scouts that he is familiar with, and allowing them to cross over together, hopefully into the same troop, that the comradery will stay in tact, and it will be a good experience for him, not a trying one.


When he does advance into Boy Scouts, make sure his parents and Den Leader have a sit down with the troops adult leadership and SPL to discuss concerns, and any idiosyncrasies that they will need to be familiar with.

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