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Just like Gonzo1, I enjoy using the "Grin and Bear It" from Boy's Life.


Sometimes during the Outdoor Leadership Skills or Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation campfire with just the adult learners, I will use those one-liners for transitions between the patrol skits and songs. They are corny and make for good segue or run-ons.


Weekly, at the end of the Crew meeting, during my "Advisors Minute", I may open with one of the Boy's Life jokes before proceeding with a "Thought of the Day". They usually grin (that's about it, when I am jokingly slapping my knee and wiping my eyes.) What a hoot! But then the Venturers will listen to my advice for the week.


There are a few good longer jokes out there. One that I enjoy, when I do an FOS presentation, I tell my fellow Scouts that I was almost late to their Court of Honor.


As I was driving thru the winding roads, to their Pack meeting or Court of Honor, my wife and I came upon a bunch of sheep crossing the road. After sitting there in the lane for a few seconds, I realize that these sheep were not moving from one pasture to the other. There was no sheep herder or famer. These sheep had broken from their fencing and were just standing there, all over the road.


After a minute of watching these sheep, I angrily hit the horn, in the middle of the steering wheel. But no noise came out.


Now I am even more frustrated. I am late. There are sheep in the road. And my car horn doesnt work.


I tell my fellow Scouts. I quickly get out of the car, pop the hood, and shake the wires leading to the car horn. Hurriedly, I slam the car hood, run back to the drivers seat, press on the horn, and hear the loudest noise, which scares the sheep, and they run back to the pasture beside the road.


The road is now clear and all the sheep are running thru the nearby field. I can now rush to the Court of Honor.


My wife looks at me in haste and says Is everything alright?!


And I say,


Of course, Beep repaired!




Hahahahahahaah (snort) Beep Repaired. Be Prepared.

knee slap) Whew!!! I kill me sometimes.




Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv


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Little Timmy Tenderfoot finds an old piece of sisal rope which has clearly seen better days.

He works hard all week mastering the bowline.

At the next Troop meeting he shows it to his PL. He is surprised when the PL informs him that this is no good.

When he asks why?

The PL replies "Frayed Knot"


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