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Hello Scouters,


I haven't been here for a while, at least as a contributor, but I have been lurking in the shadows.


I decided that some thanks were in order for the help I received when I became a Scoutmaster over 3 years ago. It was a rough time for me and the advice and support that I received from Scouters here on this forum helped me find my groove, so to speak.


During my tenure I graduated 22 Eagles and had countless moments that only a Scoutmaster can have. Now, I am still active in my troop but also serve as Roundtable Commissioner and Vice-Chair Program for the district. I'll be serving on staff at the World Jamboree in England this summer.


So, you see, my second or third Scouting career is only starting! Who knows where it will lead?


A special thanks to the Scouter "Bob White" for being the rock: stick to the program. No wiser words were ever uttered and it's the mantra I impress on my Training Chairman.


Thank you Scouter dot Com and Scouters all. I'll see y'all back at camp. I've got some bisquits browning in the Dutch oven...



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Support from our fellow Scouters cannot be overvalued. One of the lowest points in my Scouting career ocurred several years ago when I was a Cubmaster. I came home from work to get ready to go to Roundtable. I found my wife and one of my den leaders in the living room in tears. One of the Fathers had come to the den meeting and did not like the way things were being done. He berated my poor Den Leader in a loud and abusive manner in front of the boys. I called him and got into a shouting match over the phone. I slammed the phone down, determined to tell the Pack Comm. what they could do with this job. At this moment the cavalry rode to the rescue. One of my fellow Scouters showed up to give me a ride to RT. I refused saying I thought I was packing it in. He talked me into going and he and a couple of other pals talked me back in from the ledge. I am grateful to this day that I had the support of friends and stayed in the movement. How many Scouters are lost to us each year due to no support when times are tough? This forum is a great resource for information but its true value may be the chance to vent and receive feedback from like minded people.

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Yes, it is important that we all stick together. There are enough opinionated people out there who have no clue what scouting is all about and is trying to accomplish. Hang in there guys.

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