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What would you ecpect to see or learn at a round table for outdoor cooking theme.

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I'm a Roundtable Commissioner and this is an excellent question!


In two words: cooking themes


In another word: competition


The boys will rise to the occasion given a theme and a contest. We've had great success with box ovens made out of a cardboard box and foil. They actually work and the boys cook everything from pizzas to pot roast. Cooking themes push the boys to trying new stuff and new foods. We were successful with an unlikely theme of Grilled Vegetables, but the boys really got into grilling zucchini, carrots, onions and even eggplant! And, they ate it.


As adults, we lead by example and make a great show when we cook our meals. There's nothing quite as rewarding as for a young Scout to wander by and say "Wow, what smells so good?" and to show him what you're cooking and how you're doing it.


These are skills that the boys will use throughout their lives.


At Roundtable I would expect to learn that:


1. Cooking themes can be a fun way to teach Scouts how to cook.

2. Scouts love competition and cooking can be a sport.

3. Pop Tarts and Hotdogs are a tragedy. Please, save your Scouts!



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Backpacking stove demo is a good idea. I'm working on developing a Megaversity course on making homemade dehydrated meals for backpacking this fall. Our troop does it every month, so for us it's a no brainer, but most other adults I've talked to have never done it and purchase the Mountain House or Richmoore brands of pre packaged food. They're better than they used to be, but for a little time in prep and a fraction of the cost, the homemade version is always better...


In our district, recently we had a dutch oven demo and competition. Each troop was asked to compete in the competition, no limits as far as cuisine. Then everyone in attendance, Cub and Scout leaders, were the judges. It was a lot of fun.


Open fire, one time at Philmont I took a course...anyway, we halved oranged and removed the fruit without breaking the peel. Ate the fruit and wadded up a bit of Ground beef (or turkey, whatever you want) into a ball and put it in the orange peel. Placed that on the coal directly for a time and voila, it was delicious.


Cleaned off a stick from the ground, encased it in ground beef and used it to roast the meat over the fire...yummmm yum. (it's a weird one, I know) I'm sure you need to be careful about what type of wood you pick up off the ground.


Used paper dixie cups, filled w/ water and boiled it...filled with Ground Beef and cooked it. Turned out great. placed them directly on the coals just like it works with the water. Again, weird but good.

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