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Hello fellow scouters, Well a little about me huh,,, well I am a Cubmaster for one of the local Cub packs. I have been involved with scouting as a leader for coming up on three years. I have learned alot about working with kids and learned alot about myself along the way.

I am currently going though Woodbadge, and am proud to say -

I use to be a Beaver, and a good old Beaver too.

I am also a member of roundtable staff, am a trainer at the local Webloree for 2 years running. Needless to say I have found myself real active in scouting, witch is saying something since I joined for my Girlfriends son, He need somthing possative in his life and scouting had such a possative inpact on my life . Well sad to say Grilfriend and her son are long gone but scouting still remains.

I am lookin forward to forming and completeing my woodbadge tickets and making a batter leader out of my self.

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Welcome! Boy Scouts is addictive! I've enjoyed it very much...as do most all the members in the forum. There's lots of wisdom to be gleaned from these pages, plenty of laughs, and always something to be learned. Enjoy!


Ma Scout

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Thank you for the bits of welcome. Since I last posted I have been volenteered to be a troop guide at bolt/owl training , I also got elected to attend collage of commissioner to obtain a masters in commissioners science. Luckaly I can use both of these as ticket idems for woodbadge :-) .


I have read through a lot of the fourms before I signed up and have found a lot of usefull info within. Have faughed at a few and found myself saying oh gosh i have been there to some others. Although it is not clean to me how long I am going to be involved in scouting , but i am going after it full steam ahead and taking advantage of all the training I can fit in with out getting overloaded.


See ya on the scouting trail.


Busy Beaver

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