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Scoutmaster Responsibility

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The SM's main job is to train boy leaders and then get out of the way as much as possible and lets them lead...even if it is not a "picture perfect" job. He/she oversees the troop program and provides support and guidance for the boy leaders and helps them to provide opportunities for all scouts to fulfill their requirments, especially for those up to First Class, and make sure that the troop is using all 8 methods of scouting! He/she makes sure that the activities the boys plan are permissable under the guide to safe scouting and that qualified supervision and disclipline is provided for all activities. The SM is also in charge of determining when requirements are met so that boys can advance and providing guidance to boys through their Eagle project planning stage. The SM must also oversee O.A. elections and verify eligibility for both scouts and adult scouters. The SM sets a proper example in wearing his/her uniform consistantly and properly!


Sue M.




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