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With the large influx of new scouts plus some transfers in the last couple of months our troop is now just over 40 boys with 3 existing mixed age patrols, a "senior" patrol and 2 NSPs. We have approximately 20-25 registered adult leaders, with about 15 that are truly active in the troop.

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Rechartered 30 boys, then had 12 move up from cubs, plus 2 friends join, so current is 44 - 4 patrols (2 mixed age, 1 new scout which may split into 2, 1 leadership - SPL, ASPL, Troop Guide and other older boys).


Rechartered about 35 leaders, and had several parents of new boys sign up. Probably 10 ASMs are Eagles now in college - not very active, but come to meetings when they are home on break. About 10 leaders frequently attend campouts, but not the same 10. Going to 2 camps this summer, plus a crew at Philmont - plenty of adult leadership without anyone having to miss too much work. 1 ASM works specifically with new boys. Of committee members, most are active - we have 1 person to do tour permits, another to coordinate the popcorn sale, another to make sure the health forms are current, another to track advancement. Nobody gets burned out in this troop - many hands make light work.

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My current troop config is 25 boys in 3 patrols (New Scouts, Regular Scouts, Venture Patrol) and an SPL and ASPL (other troop jobs are double duty for some boys)

I'm Scoutmaster and have 11 ASM's

SM - WB trained, overall responsibility for Program, activities and youth trainings.

ASM Activities - WB Trained, 2nd to SM, assists with program and activities, assures troop attends all council / district events, oversees community service.

ASM Physical Arrangements - WB Trained, 3rd to SM, Responsible for all physical arrangements in troop. Oversees all equipment needs, works with Troop Committee Outdoor chairperson & QM advisor

ASM Patrol Advisors (2 per patrol)trained- advise PL and APL with the help of a TG to facilitate all patrol activities and needs.

ASM trained - assists ASM Activities and Physcial Arrangements as needed.


I have a troop committee of 14 active and 12 semi members. They meet monthly.


My ultimate troop would be 36 youth (4 patrols of 8 and 4 leadership corps (spl, aspl, scribe, quartermaster). I've got plenty of adults, and usually they all do thier jobs. At any given meeting we have at least one adult for each youth present, sometimes more. We have the adults meet in a separate room (those not directly involved with the meetings) so they don't disrupt the kids.(This message has been edited by kb6jra)

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1 SM WB Trained

5 ASM 1 WB Trained

5 Committee members, including committee chair


20 Boys registered

2 patrols of 9 each



10-15 boys attend weekly meetings on a regular basis

2 boys Eagle/Eagle Candidate


Typically 8-10 boys on monthly outings. Therefore on outings, we create just one patrol, with SPL developing the duty roster.

SM and ASM's take turns working with the patrols on the monthly activity.


So far it is working out OK. We work in community service as the need arises.


If we continue to grow, additional adult help will be needed, to help with any new patrols that will be formed.

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1 SM (me)

3 ASMs

5 Committee Members - one Treasurer, one Chair, one Advancement Coordinator, a Secretary, and one additional member who is transitioning out of the troop.


10 Scouts:


1 16-year old Eagle (who has become inactive since completing his Eagle rank)

1 close to Eagle and age out

1 16-year old SPL, close to Eagle

1 16-year old, close to Eagle

4 12-14 years old very active Scouts

2 new crossovers


This is a good reality check with all these larger troops, with more adult leaders. Both of the ASM's are part time, with only one going on campouts, but not very often. It was the former CC who went on most of the campouts with me, last year to make the campouts happen. If you look at my other posts, you will understand the challenge I undertook to keep this troop going, but for now, I am the one who is running the outdoor program. I also deal with training, mentoring, and conferences, only for the under First class scouts. The 3 remaining Eagle candidates are being handled by the former SM, now a committee member, but I suspect I will need to get involved in the next few months to help them complete their paperwork. All of them have their Eagle projects completed, but have yet to complete the paperwork, and possibly a MB or two. I believe our current strength is the committee, but I am working hard to get our ASM's more involved. One of the newly crossedover boys' father had to take the CC position, because of the vacancy, but I am going to need him to help me with the outdoor activities. We hope to crossover two more boys at the end of May, but I know I am just being hopeful. The other crossover's father is a former Scout, with great outdoor skills, but he chose to remain with the pack, at least for the year, to make sure it survives (the other crossover's father took my place as CM, and is now coming over a year after me). He can help if I need him, once his son starts doing more camping, so he will be there if I need him.


I don't really want to think about the next recharter, but the committee will probably be in need of an advancement chair, which is going to be difficult. There are smaller units starting up in the district, and I know we have larger dens of scouts coming up from 2 different packs that we have been able to connect with as feeders to the troop. With the next COH, we will have some 1st class scouts ready to begin more structured MB work.


As an inner city unit, the troop has never been larger then 35 boys, and has gone as low as 3, from what I was told, but I believe we have good opportunities to provide support to two local packs that, at least in theory, will bring potential crossovers to the troop. My son's charter middle school is new this year, and I have permission from the principal to recruit from the school, which is a total of 100 students for the 6th and 7th grades, starting this year. They will have a new 6th grade in the fall of 60 more kids. Looking at the organization of the other units listed here, we have plenty of room for improvement, and that's not bad.(This message has been edited by kahits)

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Approximately 45-50 scouts (after this years' crossovers of 8-10)

ASMs - 9 (4-5 fairly active)

CM - 9 (4-5 active)


Since I've been in the troop we've been as large as 70 and as small as 25. I'm pretty comfortable with 40-50 scouts.


Our perpetual problems are keeping older scouts engaged and active and recruiting new leaders. On the older scout issue, they tend to be very active for their first 3 years in the troop, then get busy with other activities, and then drift back to finish their Eagle. On the leader front, it is a challenge not to burn people out (it happened to me but now I'm back). I'm lucky to have the leaders I have but it always seems to be the same ones. I think that is one of the challenges of a troop of our size. New parents perceive us to be well staffed with leaders so they hang back.

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Troop size is now 18 due to transfers and webelos trans. -- 1 SM, 4ASM, 4 commitee members help fund raisers etc. 2 patrols, 2 aspls , 1 sp, 2 eagle scouts that work with the younger scouts, every adut is yp , leadership ,faststart trained. Others have woodbadgers,also we have a unit and RT commissioners in the troop.We retain about 90 % to get eagle.

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65 Scouts (5 patrols including a very big NB patrol)

SM (WB trained)

5 ASM-New Scouts (3 have WB Training - led by the infamous SR540Beav - this is why we are so successful with the new boys)

12 - 15 ASM (Almost all trained for position - 4 or 5 with WB Training)

Approximately 18 active committee members (Some also serve as ASMs)

A bunch of great parents that will do almost anything asked.


Works very well. Obviously, the bigger you are, the more the Scoutmaster has to rely on the ASMs and the CC has to rely on Committee members.



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