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I saw it only very briefly, but apparently, Good Morning America showed some Scouts on their show this morning (Feb 8). I got the impression that GMA was aware that today is the birthday of Scouting in the US.


Did anyone else see it?

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I don't know if it was the same two Scouts that went to speak to Congress but if it was. They are twins from Longhorn Council. They were working on their cycling merit badge on the bike trail just behind my shop when they heard screams coming from the Trinity River. A 6 year boy had fallen in at the spillway. They got off their bikes and jumped in and saved him. They got him out and were in the process of getting back on their bikes when someone stopped them and got their names and troop numbers. When ask how they knew what to do they told the EMT's that they had just finished Boy Scout Aquatic Camp that summer.


They are from a troop from West Fort Worth.(This message has been edited by Lynda J)

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