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On the brink of reviving history..(see inside for better explanation)

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My excitement is starting to overwhelm me and I just had to put my info out there!


I am in the start up process of reviving Boy Scouting in Burnside KY. There has not been an active Troop in the town for a couple of years and I have volunteered as a SM and have 2 men signed in as ASMs as well! The Troop Committee has been formed and now its time to start getting boys and parents interested!


For explanation as to why I am excited, I include the following link.


(I hope the link works)



Read the second paragraph under the history.


Say a few prayers that the future of Scouting in the Troop meets what my vision has in store!


Note: I do understand that its a debatable Birthplace of Boy Scouts. Let me have my 15 minutes! ;)



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About 20 years ago, we spent a week on a High Adventure trip houseboating on Lake Cumberland. We had a day after our trip to "unwind" and see the local sights in the area. As we were driving thru Burnside, we stopped to see what a historical marker was, and lo and behold it was a marker celebrating the first Boy Scout troop in the country. Somewhere in our archives there is a picture of our group standing around that historical marker!


Good luck to you!



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Good luck and thanks for what you are doing! How many boys?

How many close together local schools for recruiting?

What happened to kill the old program?


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