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You can help influence the next Boy Scout Handbook

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I'm sure this has also been announced in Scouting magazine*, but felt it wouldn't hurt to pass it on here as I just saw it in my current issue of Eagletter.


The BSA is soliciting feedback on the current edition of the Boy Scout Handbook and suggestions for a new version. Send your ideas to:


Joe Glasscock

Boy Scout Division

Boy Scouts of America

1325 West Walnut Hill Lane

P.O. Box 152079

Irving, TX 75015-2079


Is it me, or should they be asking this of the youth as much or more so then the leaders?


I plan on suggesting to the leaders in my district that this should be passed onto their patrol leader council, who in turn, can take it up with all youth members in their troop. Then they can then send their combined feedback/suggestions to BSA HQ.




*--Which I am currently not receiving--they still haven't resolved that glitch in Scoutnet in my local council that claims I don't exist (but they gladly take my registration money every year), but that's another topic.

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