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It's been a very long while. Just an Update.

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Wow, never thought I'd be back here on the Scouter Forums. It's been a long time, huh. I see Eamonn, Old Grey Eagle, evmori, and Hunt are still on here. Haven't lurked around to see who I still remember from years ago is on site. I didn't see Korea Scouter, Bobwhite or dsteele on some of the posts that I just finished reading. Same questions, just different people.


Well, I relocated to Washington State last summer. Just back on Guam, doing some final paperwork and packing. I stepped down as Scoutmaster tonight after 10 years leading the troop. One of my Eagle Scouts stepped up and took the reins as Scoutmaster. I'm still the IH and CR. At least the CR until I leave in January for the last time.


I'm no longer the District Commissioner as well. That was a great experience. Although being a Commissioner was fun, I still prefer to work with the kids at the unit level. I don't know if that will be the case when I fly back to Washington in January.


I have since sold my business and took up ranching. I plan to continue that back there in the Evergreen. I do know that I'm going to take sometime for myself and enjoy the fishing and hunting up there.


I was going to jump right into the Scouting program in Washington but I don't think that Pacific Harbors Council is in any rush looking for volunteers or returning their calls. They have a beautiful council building. Log cabin make and design. And a pretty good website. They have my numbers and email address. Whenever they're ready...I guess.


So How's everyone doing? I'll be lurking around, reading and catching up.

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Welcome back!

I just dropped back on the list myself. I usually keep up on scouts-L.

If you are looking for some volunteer work. Check out when the work will start on the next Washington State Jamboree (WashJam). I think the next one will be in 2008. Pacific Harbors was involved a lot.

Things should be getting started (if they haven't already). Maybe I'll see you there!

Good Luck

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Welcome back. Bob White, Rooster7 are both gone, as are littlebillie and, it seems, NJCubscouter. I haven't seen hide nor hair of TrailPounder for a long time. But we've picked up quite a few new contributors. This seems to be the way of things.

Dave Steele is inactive on the forums but his spirit lingers - here as well as in our memories.

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Man oh Man it's great to hear from you!!

Glad things are going well.

Bob White was posting on Merit Badge.com for a while. I haven't been there for a while.

My Buddie Dave Steele, was given a hard time by another pro who was at that time posting. So he changed his name (with permission)

Sadly he quit working for the BSA.

He moved and is trying to get his first book published -I owe him an E-mail.

Korea Scouter, did post something here a few weeks back. He is a wonderful resourse.

I'm still here using way too many words and saying very little!!

OJ, did get his Eagle at the ripe old age of 17 years and 11 months.

Rory is now 90 pounds.

I have a new found love !! Sea Scouting.

Her Who Must Be Obeyed, has had a rough time with cancer, but she only has one more chemotherapy to go. For which we are both really grateful.

I have to admit that I miss Bob White and hope that he will one day return, but the choice is his. He did join Sea Scouting and about the same time started a new business venture. Last I heard he was doing well and enjoying both.

If Pacific Harbors don't need your talents and you feel like moving to PA. I know a Sea Scout Ship that would welcome you in a heart beat.


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