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Fair Share - units paying their own way

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Our Pack has decided not to participate in the Pop-corn sales. Our council changed Pop-corn companies and most of our members and ouside buyers did not like the taste last year, so we our doing our own funraising. We do plan on sending something like 20% of the profit to Council. I am sure our CC has heard something from council on our lack of participation.


We do charge a bit more for dues($60), but it includes the cost of going to the district and Council cub events and our semi-anual camp outs. (Steak for dinner encourges first-time scout dads to attend).


Our pack often does canned-goods drives for shelters and groups like people-helping-people. And one den is raising money to donate it towards finishing camp's new handi-cap cabin (first new one built in 40 years). It is fitting since we do have a cub with CP that requires a wheel-chair.


Our Council has been asking for FOS levels of $115 per family. Our distict says that the district can make its FOS numbers if 25% of members contribute $20. That will make FOS easier for families to swallow.

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