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Which Youth Leaders Wear Trained Strip?

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Which youth leader positions "earn" the "Trained" strip? I'm specifically interested in our OA Rep, Historian, Librarian, Scribe and Instructors. We held our Junior Leader Training recently. All were invited but only the SPL, APL, PLs, Guide and one Instructor attended.


Is having the individual "Introduction" meeting with each of these appointed scouts sufficient? Or must they attend the Junior Leader Training session to earn the strip?


And what about APLs? All the books say an APL should be trained by their PL. Does that mean an APL doesn't need to, or shouldn't attend JLT? Are they entitled to wear "Trained" if only trained by their PLs?



(Couldn't find a specific forum to ask this. Sorry.)

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I don't know about the other positions but I do know that if a Den Chief takes DC training he is entitled to wear the trained strip.


It will be interesting to see if this is one of those things that seem to vary by Council or if there is a solid answer.




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You wear a trained strip if you have recieved the appropriate training for your position.


Please note, that if you change your position and have not had the training, you can't wear the trained strip. And if you don't have a position, you don't wear it, either. (I see a lot of kid who don't have a position, but still wear the trained patch).


I believe the literature is clear that if you receive training for your position at your troop's Troop Leader Training course, that suffices. For OA Reps, the lodge provides this training, not the troop, either just for the OA Reps or at LLD. An intro session is not enough, you must go to the TLT course. Or NYLT.



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Maybe it's just at our Scout Shop, but we cannot purchase a trained strip over the counter. It must be given to you by the council course director when you when you have completed the required course(s).


BTW, my son wears his trained patch from DC training because he is in his 7th (& last) year of being an active Den Chief.

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