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Hi everyone!


I'm new to the forum and wanted to say Hello.

I am a Webelos leader and have been a leader since the end of my son's Tiger year when I joined as an assistant.


I'm learning so much, but there is so much more for me to learn......I look forward to getting to know the forum and all of you!



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Welcome to the forum. I've been a Scout Leader for a number of years and I learn something everytime I read the posts. Hope you enjoy.


Webelos Leader huh? I was one once myself when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I think it was one of the best times I have had in Scouting. The boys are so excited to try new things and normally haven't hit the Jr. High cool phase yet.

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone, I think one of my next posts will be a question LOL


...but for now I'm just going to do some looking around, some questions I may have may already have been answered.


This past weekend was our Blue and Gold and much to my shock I actually won the Akela of the Year.....talk about pressure...I was even told upon going up on stage that this doesn't mean I can stop trying hard now! LOL


Anyway, thanks again for the welcome.....I'm off to search threads :)

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