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Catholic Church only wants Catholic Leaders and Scouts

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Finger print background checks? How common is this? Does anyone know how this is accomplished? Where do the den leaders go to get their finger prints checked and who pays for it? This seems like quite a logistical challenge for scouting units especially in large units. The pack my son was in (starting in 1997, chartered by a public school) had 130 members and something like 16 dens. Den leaders would change from year-to-year, and new ones would need to be recruited, of course. Just getting the applications filled out and processed was a big job. Finger print background checks could be daunting and expensive.

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I had a similar problem at first with the cubscout pack I was part of when I first started, I am also in the Baltimore Area Council, the Catholic church pretty much said we as a pack had to attend mass at least once every 2 months but the non-Catholic boys were not going to be allowed in the service. My grandmother whom was a den mother at the time called BSA HQ in Texas and told them what was going on. BSAHQ told us the church could ask the pack to attend mass but could not willfully stop any boy willing to attend to attend the service. So I got to attend the mass but I did not particate in the service itself like taking commiumon.


P.S. As a side note if you are sort of new to being the Packmaster/Scoutmaster thing be aware the CO does own any pack/troop equipment if the pack/troop would fold or move to another CO and the only way to get around this would be to either sell it or give it away. Equipment includes the flags, pack/troop own equipment such as mess kits, tents, etc. Does not include the pack/troop's money, uniforms, etc.

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