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Without a lot more details it sounds a bit like you like to be in control. A common proble with many of us.  It is time to let people do what they can for the troop. The more they are involved the better the troop.  And you know all people like to 'be in charge' of something. 

Sit back and let things go for a bit.  Unless they are trying to change BSA requirements and policies. 

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Good day and welcome,


First, like FireKat says, we need more detail to comment on your problem. What exactly are they not supporting you with or arguing with you about? What "voice" do you need to have on the Committee.


As SM you oversee the meetings and activities that the boys have organized. You offer guidance to the boys with regard to the way the program is run. The committee ultimately answers to the Charter Organization, not the SM. Having said this, the committee should do everything possible to help to support the program that the boys want, and the SM has approved. They do this in potentially many ways, but primarily by helping with any funds necessary to provide the program (purchase of equipment and so forth).


Please provide more details and we may be able to comment further.



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when I need support they argue about why and....they are not the ones fighting the aligators in the swamp....they sit home in their controlled climate. For instance, i wanted the secetary to mail home the calendar to the parents and they complained about the postage....why do the Scouts pay dues every week for? The members that did not want the mailing are the ones sitting in the back of the meeting making sure their scout knows everything that is going on and they are the ones that are doing all the advancing in the Troop. They are crazy about merit badges and it seems like a race to see who can get the most. I try to make sure all the Troop gets the information for the activities to have a more sucessful program but they think it is not needed. I just had a parent make a copy of the upcoming Camporee Leaders Guide without even asking me because they did not want their Scout missing out on anything. I found that out later from the SPL because he had the copy to tell the Troop about the Camporee.

Do you think some of the parents are control freaks?

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From what I can gather it sounds like these people are trying different ways to get the job done. For example, if they don't want to pay postage to distribute info, fine, maybe she would rather use an internet e-mail list. As it has been said, if they're not trying to change BSA policy, don't make it your battle to fight.

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One thing I have to ask is 'are they trained'?


Have they gone thru Troop Committee Training, etc. Some of the problems may be due to their not understanding how things work. I also see an issue with what sounds like some going off and 'doing their own thing'. This may be solved by them learning (and understanding) what their job is verses your job.



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Dear UTBFox,


Well...(to modify a previous post) it should be...


Scoutmaster = program




COMMITTEE CHAIR = program support


The friendly, congenial, helpful, courteous (etc) relationship between Scoutmaster and Committee chair is extremely important in creating...


The Boy-Led Troop and


The Boy-Led Patrol.


If you re-read your posts you will discover you are involved in an "I versus THEM" situation. This is not helpful to


The Boy-Led Troop and


The Boy-Led Patrol.....


Read the Scoutmaster HANDBOOK....Twice if necessary!


You and your committee chair need to become of one mind.


Start over with that Scoutmaster training!


Become a Fox again.


Have fun Scouting.


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Hi Foxy.


What you are experiencing is quite normal. Active parents on a committee are quite naturally interested primarily in their own child's welfare and advancement. They come with their particular perspective. If they are a two-parent, two-income, schedule-their-kid family they may not have any thought for boys who are not from that environment. So they don't see a need to support you; they're gettin what they want, eh?


One session of trainin' isn't going to be enough to get people to change their habits and ways. Parents are always goin' to see the program through the eyes of their kid and their own experience. You need to add more people with different perspectives and experience, who bring new things to help your program, and who bring a professional "program first" attitude of support.


My advice is you need to add some depth to your committee. Yeh say you have 4 couples as active members. Your parent reps. are covered, then. Now, double your committee's size without addin' a single parent. Ask your DE for the name of a local retired SM who might serve. Get your COR to come. Ask your UC to come to every committee meeting. Bring your SPL and ASPL. Add a local teacher, or the owner of the local outdoor shop. Ask your friend who is a doctor, an attorney, or an accountant to serve for two years. Find a local 20-something Eagle Scout and ask him to be on the committee. As your troop grows, ask a parent of an aged-out Eagle to serve as an "alumni parent."


If you do this right, your parent committee members will be introduced to "the bigger picture" at every committee meeting by people from that bigger picture. That's how yeh do real training, eh? Not by going to a 3-hour course; on-the-ground, where the action is. Plus, you'll add a lot of expertise that you'll find really helpful to strengthen your troop, and to be there when there's a real issue.


Even addin' one or two such people can make a big difference. A couple of da best troops around here have an old-timer "keeper of the flame" on their committees. All they seem to do is pipe up occasionally with some wisdom and perspective to keep the train on track.






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