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why is scouting shrinking? visit www.savescouting.org

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Semper, great piece. But you left out a few groups.


You left out:


* the peacenics, who would claim that 'Mr. Powell', as a former military guy, is probably trying to turn those kids into little soldiers.


* the hawks, who would claim that 'Mr. Powell', as a former military guy, has failed to come up with a program to turn kids into little soldiers.


* the religious types, who since there is no mention of religion, that obviously this is not a Christ-centered activity, and just a way to bring in 'nature religious', which we all know is just witchcraft.


* etc.


(I think you get the idea. Funny thing is that B-P actually had to deal with several of such groups in his time)


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Seems like the same answer to the original question keeps poping up in different forms:


Troops that are run on the BSA model are successful model units.


Units that try to re-invent the wheel or only follow part of the model (aka - adult led) are losing scouts.


And to think, it only took 9 pages of repeat the obvious, again!


Brianbuff - I think your original question is quite worthwhile; however, and with all sincerity, I believe the spirit of scouting is completely lost to you. I say that with all humbleness and humility. I haven't read your website. After perusing scoutingforall and keeping up with our latest round of $$ sucking court cases (I get asked questions by people in the community, so I try to stay somewhat knowledgeable in order to put a factual face on the topics) I get the impression it just may nick my sensibilities.


It's simple. Save scouting by being the best scout you can be, in the spirit of true scouting. Convey that attitude wherever you go, but most importantly to the youth that look to you as a leader. Hold your standard high and people will clamber to rise to your occasion.


In utter respect, stop trying to reinvent the wheel. The wheel provided with the program works, it unfortunately is just not used by every leader. Be a leader. Be a scouter. But most of all, research, read, study, or visit successful troops to get a grasp of the spirit of scouting. We don't need re-invented, we need committed adults who will use a very proven business plan. Use it.



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