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Quality Unit Award...can your District make changes?

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Can your local District/Council make modifications to the National Quality Unit Award.


I've noticed that our District and Council has apporved the addition of selling pop-corn as a requirement for quality unit award. As it stands our unit is not selling pop-corn so our unit will not qualify.


According to the current 2006 National Quality Unit Award... no where does selling pop-corn appear. Seems like to be this is like changing the Requirements for Eagle


Also...what's up with the Key 4 in a District...I've always thought it was the Key 3.


(edited by Eagle Foot)


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I have been informed that an a SE can if he or she wishes set the financial goals or re-set the financial goals needed for Quality District.

Quality Unit is a National Award with the requirements set by the National Council. Councils and Districts can not and should not change the requirements any more than they should try and change the advancement requirements.

While supporting the Council by selling popcorn is a good thing, there can at times be valid reasons why a unit may not be able to participate in the sale.

I'm thinking if the sale falls at about the same time as a CO fund raising event?

Our Council has a very long list of requirements that a unit must meet, one of which is participation in the pop-corn sale, if all the requirements are met the unit receives free rank advancement for a year.

Sadly our Service Center doesn't stock Sea Scout Advancements!

Our Sea Scouts are not good at traditional popcorn sale so we tried the show and sell.

We stood outside Wal mart, which didn't go very well, so we then went door to door.

Lots of units were very upset, they claimed we had taken their sales.

We are not participating in the popcorn sale this year. We gave the District half the money from our golf outing about $5,000.

So we are not going to do popcorn or try and find the time for the FOS presentation.

We (The CO, Committee and Quarterdeck) feel we have done our bit. I'll admit I was behind telling them that we had!!

While I understand that no one who works in the service center knows anything about Sea Scouting. I have been a little surprised about how far they will go not to support us!

By refusing to extend their 501(3)© when it came accepting donations of boats, (The Elks,our CO is not one.) we had to spent the money to form our own. Money we didn't have at the time. Money that I more than lightly would have given to FOS or given to help the Council.

So while I know I'm a little - Shall we say peeved?

I do think we need to support our local Councils. But...

Yes there is always a but!!

We need to look at why we are supporting them.

They are there to support Scouting in our local communities.

If they are failing to do this we need to let them know.

I'm not saying we don't support them, we just tell them that we are not very happy.

I sent our Council President a note informing him that the $815.00 I spent setting up a 501(3)© was money that the Council wasn't going to get and informed him that now that we are a public charity we will be seeking funding as such.

This didn't cause much of a stir until someone found out that the United Way,is donating money to us while cutting the Council off.(They were getting $86,000 a year, we got $750.00!!)

The Key 4 thing may not seem like a big thing, but in most Districts the Key 3 is selected by the Nominating Committee and the District Chairman selects the other Chairs, just as the District Commissioner selects the Commissioners (who are of course approved by the Council Executive Board) So this really isn't how things should be done.


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I think we have the question of popcorn sales is handled (rather nicely I might add), the other part of the question I read was about a "Key 4". I think it's important to review the concept that many Councils/Districts try to have a District/Council Chair that are known in the community. This person while well intended and a real aid needs some help getting the Scouting Volunteers to line up. A District/Council Vice-Chair is a GREAT way to do that. Many times that Vice-Chair is also the program chair (since Program Committee has several others that report to them).


Hope this helps. You might want to refer back to the District Operations Book that is published by National. It makes all this very clear.


(Wow I just compressed my WEEK at Philmont into a couple of paragraphs. Sure glad I like going there :D)

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A Council cannot change or add to a National standard.

Statistics are drawn from the overall units being awarded.

If the standard is changed, so goes the statistics for that Council.

I doubt the people over that program would be thrilled to know that someone changed it so a Council would build their own budget.


Service Project- 1 annually, preferred to the Sponsoring organization and then report it on the good turn web site.


Did your Council change the Service Project?


2006 NQU Award

Training- The SM trained- Fast Start and BLT for SM.

Two-Deep Leadership- one or more ASMs that are registered, trained and active. One supervises YP training.

Patrol Method- JLT and monthly PLCs.

Planned program, published and presented.

Outdoor Activities- 6 highlight activities and attend one LT BSA camp.

Service Project- 1 annually, preferred to the Sponsoring organization and then report it on the good turn web site.

On-Time Charter Renewal.

Membership with an equal or greater number than last year.

Advancement- 60% advances one rank.

Boys Life- 100% Scout homes or 10% over last year.







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The 2007 Centennial QU Award Commitment


This is a commitment, which is a plan of action.

There are 6 numbered requirements.


The last one and the one that is not numbered, meaning that it is probably not required is the:

In support of,

which may be a way of showing what happened, not necessarily what was planned to happen.


It says, Participating in the FOS and "product sale". It doesn't stipulate anything other than participation AND

since it is not numbered, probably will not disqualify a unit from obtaining the Centennial QU Award if it did not participate.


There may be further clarification with the "Training" that is to follow.




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