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Troop YLT/ JLT / Outdoor Skills

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We are putting together are annual JLT/YLT/Outdoor Skills training for the up comming new SPL and Patrol Leaders. We encourage the whole troop to attend because it gives everyone the big picture and it allows the older scouts to teach.


I'm looking for some new ideas...I'v used the JLT training kit for years and will continue to pull from it. I have the new YLT..but it is lacking...mostly filler...I was dissapointed when I got it open, it has good information--just not as compleat as I had expected.


If your troop does something like this I would like to hear from you and get your ideas.


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Eagle Foot - I agree with your assessment of the materials. On the up-side, it gives us a lot of latitude in how to structure it. We can tailor the course to our particular unit's needs. For example, our PLC is really struggling in conducting meetings right now. I know that will be part of the next YLT.


I borrow from a lot of sources - Materials from courses I've taken at work, books I've read, online resources, etc. Once I combined it in with some low-ropes stuff, for teambuilding purposes.


My suggestion is to look at what your unit needs, structure some learning objectives around that, and then come up with some tools to help you accomplish your goals. Good luck!

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