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I think it is just easier to learn the Scout Law as is. By the time you learn a acronym to help you learn the law, you might as well learn the Law. Boys have been learning the law to pass their Tend

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YOu have to say this in the YODA voice, it helps...


TRUST, LOYALy, HELPFUL FRIENDs COUncil KINOBE. CHEwbacca THRew BRAinless Clones REVEngefully.


You will see the scout law is there, at least in its partial forms. I realize Kenobe is spelled wrong, but for the purpose...I capitalized the parts of the scout law, and left the rest in lower case.


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I realize that I'm jumping in on this at least 5 years later but I found this thread today as I was looking for something to help remember the order of the Scout Law as I was teaching it to my son.  I know it seems silly to memorize one thing to memorize another but since the principles in the Scout Law are in an arbitrary order it can be difficult to keep them straight.  An actual sentence is easier to remember because you have nouns and verbs that have to stay in a particular order to make sense.  I figure I learned the order of the planets by learning "My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas" so why not the Scout Law in a similar way?  Here's what I came up with, it's kinda dumb, but sometimes kinda dumb makes it easier to remember -

"The Lion Has Finally Caught (and) Killed Our Cubmaster", The Big Cat Roared. 


Unfortunately the  you still have to know which one is Courteous, Cheerful and Clean as well as Trustworthy and Thrifty - but at least something about a lion killing their cubmaster seems like something cub scouts will remember!

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I would never have memorized the resistor color codes without a mnemonic device, however it's far to bawdy to reproduce here. I like the trevor saying though!! Personally I just typed the Scout Law out and hung it on the wall in my office until I had it down cold.


I had already learned the version from a merit badge book before being introduced to the more common version.  Better be right or your great big venture goes west.

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