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I for one love NOAC and have gone 3 times , once as staff advisor. I have also had the pleasure in teaching some classes on Native American cultures. It has always been a fun trip for me and I'm sure the boys will have a great time.


Yes there are a few haughty people in the OA, but they are relatively few in number OGE, by the way do you think emb21 caught the gist of your post, lol. emb21, remember the Obligation. WWW

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Yes, I'm going, and I am so psyched!


The OA is a great organization and I can't remember ever meeting anyone who was haughty or arrogant at a NOAC.


OGE, it's too bad you didn't get involved so that the next guy would have at least one good guy to hang out with. It's not too late, you know.


I just recently got back into Scouting after a 20 year break to raise some adopted children, and when I heard that NOAC was going to be at Michigan State I got my application and money in (MSEE MSU 1964).


Sadly, my money was returned to me six months later with no explanation - just a check.


Oh well, I had been to two (Rudgers & CMU) - give someone else a chance.


Then about a month later I got an email about a special intensive inductions training session. A few phone calls and an extra $100 for late registration and I'm on my way.


Let me tell you, if anyone has the right to be arrogant and haughty, these guys do. They're like the Gods of the Induction. Some of them go back 30 years or more operating at the National level.


But I have never been treated as anything but a brother to them in any of my dealings with them. I sent an email to Dr. Buchman asking about the course and stating that I wasn't even sure at the time I could get a slot. Even though he didn't know me from Adam he responded immediately and promised me that if I could get there there would be a slot for me in his course.


And Dr Jay Dunbar. Dr. Jay is the author of a very famous booklet for ceremonies training called "The Drum". I was introduced to it back in the early '80s and it had a profound impact on the boys I was coaching at the time. After 20 years, I contacted him to see if I could get some more of the books. He responded immediately and told me that the current printing was sold out but that he would let me know when more were available.


And seven months later, he did. Haughty and arrogant people do not remember promises to nobodies seven months later.


And I get to spend four days with these guys.


I am so psyched!


(And just to forstall those who might think of me as one of those adult Arrowmen in it for himself, two of the three youth Arrowmen in our small troop are also attending and the other is on camp staff.)


So if you're going to NOAC and have some spare time, drop by the intensive inductions training sessions (or sign up - I believe there are still slots open) - I'll be the one with the big smile!



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We have a contingent of 40 going from Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge 237 (Florida).

Our ceremonies team is looking forward to competing at the national level. We also have a large group of dancers. The rest of the guys go for training, fellowship and, of course, patch trading.


See ya in 2 wks.




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