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One tent - two similar cubs - Two completely Different Attitudes

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My Webelo just completed his week long day camp with a sleep out at the end. Everything went well.


My son is holding back tears as he describes his last summer camp as a Webelos. Even though I tell him that the Boy Scouts have great summer camps, its no use. The boy scout camp is miles away from the local cub scout camp is 1 mile away. Even though I tell him he can come back as a volunteer Boy Scout. Even though he likely has two more campouts in the fall at this cub scout camp, this is all no use, his spirits on down. He is growing up and he knows it.


His bud whom he shared a tent with last night and whose dad is my co-leader said, "I only went because my mom took away my gameboy (thingy) and wouldn't give it back unless I went to camp.






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Cheer up Its Me.


From your post I gather your son just finished his Webs I year and is going into his Webs II in the fall. Definately time to find the Boy Scout troops in your area and visit them. Visit them all. Visit them more than once if possible. From your post I gather you are the den leader? If so, perhaps you can arrange for all the boys in the den to visit the troops as a den meeting. Find a troop in your area that will take your den on a campout or two. Let the boys, especially your son, know that there is so much more ahead of them in Boy Scouts.


Boy Scout summer camps can be a GREAT experience for new Scouts. It's an amazing experience for a boy to go from Webelos (where the adults did mostly everything) to Boy Scouts (where the boys are expected to do mostly everything).


Hope you find a great troop for your son!

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It's just strikes me as funny that one kid looks at his childhood and sees that it is fleeting. The other looks at his childhood as something to overcome until he can reach adulthood.


Even at 42, adulthood looks pretty scary to me out there on the horizon. I am in no hurry to get there. :)



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Howdy Its Me: As a past WDL, I can sympathize. 1) Check with Council and District about"Webelos Weekends" and Webelos Sleepaway camps. Both are a good low impact(to the Cub, not necessarily the woods!) camping experience. They can end up with Web pins and a good feeling about BSA camping. The WW should be attended by WScouts and a host Troop. The week long camp should be attended by your Den as a group, often combined with other local Wdens into a Camp Pack. 2) I hope the mom continues to keep the Gameboy "thingy" so the boy can pay attention to the world around him.

Keep us posted on your progress. YiS

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One of the things that is great about being an adult in scouting, is being included in these priceless moments as you watch these boys grow up and realize how valuble their scouting years are..... You have a sensitive and intellegent boy if he realizes it himself now.


something which might help your son with his 'transition' into Boy Scouting:



talk with him about what made Webelos camp so special for him - was it the activities? the waterfront? the counselors? being with his buddies all day? camping out? campfires? did it really have all that much to do with WHERE he was? (1 mile or 100 doesn't make much difference when you're having a good time! Unless you are the extrememly forgetful type and need to run home alot! LOL!) Or were the good memories created more by WHO he was with and WHAT they were doing, than with the camp itself?


Chances are, he will discover that it is more the quality of the time spent and those he spent it with, than the actual 'place' - and those people will probably continue on with him in boy scouts - except that they will have even MORE opportunities for fun and adventures.


His adventures in scouting are not ending - they are just beginning!



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