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Has anyone heard of the Scouting & Soccer program?

The basic premise appears to be pilfered (or borrowed?) from the church Upward program in use in the South. This BSA program is being rolled out soon and is targeted to latino boys 6-10. The fee is $50 per 12 week season in my council. There can be more than one season per year. Several questions come to mind:

1. Is this a transitional program to regular Cub Scouts?

2. Are the adult volunteers vetted and trained in Youth Protection?

3. Why are the registration fees so high? (For scouting, in upward, my church is $80 per season.)


If this is a way to recruit and establish a foothold in the latino community, then great. But if this is the end product for these boys and there families, then how does this match with the rest of the scouting program? Soccer fields are tight here in metro NC and I would hate to have this baby on my plate. I'm not sure how they'll pull it off.


Thoughts? Oh, learned consumers of the Scouting product?


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They have been speaking of this program for, what, two years now?


Full info at this site: http://www.soccerandscouting.org/ I recommend you take a look at it. Think it will answer your questions.


Its not a 'transitional program'. Its incorporate cub scouting with soccer, and yes, its aimed at Hispanic youth.


No idea what the 'church Upward' program is, so no idea how original this idea may or may not be.


FWIW, am not involved in cub scouting, and don't claim any knowledge other then wait i've read on this program.

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I seen this a few years back and thought it was a great idea.

I asked our SE if we could do something along these lines?

Sadly he said that we couldn't National wanted to use this only in the Soccer and Scouting program as an outreach to Hispanic youth and families.

Of course we all know that SE's walk on water and are never wrong and would never tell a fib??

We used soccer as a recruiting tool back home in the UK for years.

At one time my local soccer club Fulham, were really bad. Their grounds were by the river next to Bishop's Park (Which has Fulham Palace, which was at that time the residence of the Bishop of London) Very often when Fulham was losing big time we would turn around and watch the cubs playing in the park.

In fact the first time Her Who Must Be Obeyed came to visit me in England. I met her at the airport. Dropped her bags at my house and rushed her off to watch the Cubs from the 17th Fulham play the 23rd Fulham. We (17th)won.


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