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Rory the cute little eight pound puppy that Her Who Must Be Obeyed presented me with on Christmas day 2004, is now eighty-two pounds.

He is very light colored for a Goldie. Much lighter than his parents were.

He graduated from Puppy School and for the most part is a very obedient dog.

I looked into further training but it was mainly to do with hunting. I don't hunt and didn't want to invest $900.00.

He really enjoys our "Big Walk".

Every day we take off for a little over an hour.

We cover about 3 miles or more. Walking mainly through the fields. Some have corn planted in them some are just grass/hay fields.

About 15 minutes are spent on his leash, reinforcing his training.

The rest of the time he is free.

He loves water and muddy puddles!!

He is my first Goldie. A real character, with his own personality.

I love him dearly, but he doesn't seem as bright as the collies I've had.

He doesn't seem to know what is going on around him. That or he is just lazy.

He does give the odd robin a chase, but doesn't seem to take any notice of groundhogs, rabbits. He completely missed the red fox I seen the other day.

Yesterday three deer were crossing and he spotted them. They were to far away, he gave chase but they were long gone before he got anywhere near them.

This must have hurt his ego.

Today he spotted them and had the angle just right. He took off.

Three white tailed deer a Mom and two fawns.

He was catching up on the smallest one when Mom came after him!!

I've never seen such a thing, she was chasing him and winning. He was barking. But she just kept going after him.

Being the big brave dog that he is he ran back to me.

She gave up.

He remained very close to me for the rest of the walk.

Talk about motherly love.

Eamonn(This message has been edited by Eamonn)

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This has actually been a problem on a college campus in downstate Illinois. The deer population is rather high & there seems to be a large number of fawns. The fawns moms are getting very aggresive & there have been a number of students attacked. The university, rather than having the deer killed or relocated, is trying to educate their students & faculty to leave all deer (especially fawns) alone & run when they see a crazed looking mom deer coming towards them.



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Wow! How things have changed.

The bit about;

The university, is trying to educate their students & faculty would never have happened back in the day!!

Maybe I ought to keep OJ home next year and send Rory!!

(Posted with tongue in cheek!)


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I'm guessing that the few wooded acres in the middle of campus might be causing the problem. Also, the library is under construction so foot traffic is being directed away from one side of the building to the other side which touches the woods. As a student of that university I didn't know that there was a problem with deer attacking people, even though there were seven attacks last year. So much for the education, especially from an institute of higher learning...




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A nugget in the original post:


"I looked into further training but it was mainly to do with hunting. I don't hunt and didn't want to invest $900.00."


Another training option is Agiliity Course training. Look for a kennel which offers it. Dogs learn to run an obstacle course with their trainer: weaving among a series of poles, going through tunnels, up steps and down slides. It's great exercise for both dog and owner. Eventually, you can choose to enter competitions.

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Talking about Cow tipping!!

I think I've posted this before - But I like it and it's a good story.

We have a lot of youth workers, who come in mainly after school and at weekends.

I really like them and get on well with them.

Very often they seem to forget that I'm around and I become a fly on the wall.

A couple of years back I over heard them talking about going cow tipping.

This was something I'd never heard of.

Coming from down town London, my education was sadly lacking.

I don't know how much was added to the story? However it seems a car load of them went cow tipping and a very irate farmer came after them.

These Kids were so loud, I very much doubt if they ever got to tip any self-respecting cow.

That night at supper I was telling Her Who Must Be Obeyed and Number One Son about the Kids and their cow tipping adventure.

Later a friend of Her Who Must Be Obeyed arrived at our house with a couple of little fellows.

I took them, OJ and Shane our Collie -this was BR (Before Rory) for a walk across the fields.

The farm next door raises Buffalo and is trying to raise the cross Beef-alo.

As we stood at the fence the biggest buffalo I'd ever seen in my life came over to check us out, but he was missing a hind leg.

Number One Son, looked at me and said "Hey Dad, we could tip him real easy!!"


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Years ago I had two Dobies. The female was a "MAMA" dog to the core. She mothered everything that she thought was a baby.

One morning about 2 a.m. I heard her "Mama bark"

Went out into the back year and she had a baby raccoon down and was licking it all over. Mama raccoon was in the tree having a fit. Seem she didn't see the need for a nanny and certainly not one that was a BIG BAD DOG. Had to take Dutches in the house to let mama raccoon have her baby back.

Dutches mothered three kittens and two baby squirels. Plus a customers little boy that was crawling out of the office door into the shop.

She went over and put her paw on his rear. It was so funny. Looked like a turtle you were holding. Legs and arms moving but body was goind no where.

Animals are so great.

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