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Brats (of the wurst kind)

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I have to disagree with your definition, which for others edification is as follows:


"* brats (BrAHts) n.: 1. Slang form for bratwurst or other grillable sausage served in the upper midwest as a staple foodstuff from May through the start of deer season. As distinct from 2. BRAAts, n. young men who don't learn good behavior and value through scouting programs."


Serving brats from May to the start of deer season might be true in Minnysoda but in Wisconsin, brats are served right up through the Superbowl - and are still grilled outside. Why, I hear that in some parts of Wisconsin (mainly Sheboygan and Green Bay) brats are considered a New Year's Day tradition!


In Wisconsin's largest city - Chicago - brats are a highly prized tailgate food, second only to ribs, at all sporting events, even ski jumping events.


(yes, yes - I know Chicago is in Illinois, but only because of a member of the House of Representatives in the 1800's named Nathaniel Pope who was able to convince Congress to draw the northern border of Illinois where it it currently situated so that Illinois could have port space on Lake Michigan - had it not been for good ol' Nate, the border would have been below Lake Calumet. Besides, every Chicagoan knows that Wisconsin is really nothing more than a suburb of Chicago anyway).



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