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Music on the way to a campout

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Nice Beaver, good strategy!


I figure since most campouts are headed into the country why not listen to country music. Give the boys a new experience on their way to a campout. Pop Country of today is pretty lame. In my 6 cd changer currently is : Hank Williams, Hank Williams, Hank Williams, George Jones, Shooter Jennings, and Willie Nelson.


A good idea is to also let each person in the car bring with them their favorite cd. Everyone can get a tase of what everyone else likes, as long as it is clean. The only problem with this, is I had to listen to Hilary Duff from NY to NH... I'm still recovering...



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Guys can bring their own CDs and we mix them up on trips. My only criteria is that it isn't rap. My apologies to any of you that are fans, but I just can't listen to that.


Husband and I do the driving and we each have our own musical tastes - his more old heavy metal, mine more classic rock. Our older son made us a bunch of mixed CDs from his very extensive collection of digital music and the guys really seem to enjoy them. He did throw in a few surprises. Imagine head banging to Guns and Roses and then moving on to Sonny and Cher! Or cruising along to the Eagles and then suddenly hearing the 1812 Overture played by the Marine Corps Band - cannons and all.


I always hold out the threat that if things get too roudy in the car it will be time for a Manilow moment, and I just might sing along.... Oh, Mandy, you came and you gave without taking.....



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We'll listen to a variety of music. My choices usually run towards classic country, folk, classic rock, 60's 70's oldies. I will let the boys pop in their own stuff now and then and am sometimes suprised at what comes out. Some of their stuff recently has included Charlie Daniels, older pre-disco Bee Gees, Johnny Cash, and the Band. They are sometimes suprised when I've played the "original" versions of certain songs they thought we're from their era. These have included songs from the Byrds, Clapton, "American Woman", "American Pie".


I confess to frequent cases of Deja Vu,(Not the CSNY song) when certain songs come on the radio. I can vividly remember driving to/from scout outings listening to "Peace Train" by Cat Stevens, Motown hits, the Doors, the Association, the Beatles, Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Hollies, Dylan, Beach Boys, the Turtles, Simon & Garfunkel, etc. Later would come Jethro Tull, Yes, the Who, Led Zep, Clapton, the Moody Blues, Greatful Dead, CSNY, Alice Cooper, CCR, James Taylor, Mountain. Although there was at least one summer "Country Roads" by John Denver, was played every other song on AM radio.


Funny how music sets a timeline in our lives. I like the audiobook idea though.



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OneHour, hip hop? Grunge? I thought we were discussing music!;)

I find that the boys can adjust to almost anything if they are force-fed a little. I tried playing calliope and band-organ music for 'punishment' once and they just turned it into a game of trying to figure out how the machines work. Good for them! I wish I could FIND a band-organ to show them.

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Pack ... I think that is what they (my scouts) call it! It sounds half way between rap and unintelligible yelling! What ever happen to good music where one can actually understand every word that was sung and can actually sing along? Okay ... so I have always sung the wrong lyrics to "Blinded By the Light," but then so did almost everyone else! ;)


Eagle76 ... you're not alone! I love Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin ... along with Trans-Siberian Orchestra!



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I'll usually let the boys listen to whatever thay want. Most of the time I enjoy it. I've even gone out and bought my own 'System of a Down' cd's after hearing it on the way to a campout.

Funny thing is a lot of the music they listen to now has roots in the 80's when I grew up. They'll play some new ska band and think it is so new. Next campout I'll just bring along some of my own ska cd's.

Don't get me wrong I like almost all music. From Tchaikovsky to The Clash, to Miles Davis to Flat and Skrugs. Just don't play me none of that fake country music made after 1980.

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You are so right OGE!


We skipped the light fandango

turned cartwheels 'cross the floor

I was feeling kinda seasick

but the crowd called out for more

The room was humming harder

as the ceiling flew away

When we called out for another drink

the waiter brought a tray


And so it was that later

as the miller told his tale

that her face, at first just ghostly,

turned a whiter shade of pale


She said, 'There is no reason

and the truth is plain to see.'

But I wandered through my playing cards

and would not let her be

one of sixteen vestal virgins

who were leaving for the coast

and although my eyes were open

they might have just as well've been closed




Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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... Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night ...


... But mama, that's where the fun is

But mama, that's where the fun is

Mama always told me not to look into the eye's of the sun

But mama, that's where the fun is


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